Assurant return damaged device package Empty!!

  • 26 January 2022
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I have been a customer of Tmobile for the last 16 years and have filed 3 claims 2 damaged phones and 1 stolen. I have paid $4,608.00 in total for insurance on my devices. $42,240.00 for phone service. 
I am beyond upset and no is not even the amount I am erroneously being charged by assurant through T-mobile. But is the scam that assurant is able to get away with! 
This is my story, I accidentally damaged my phone in September and filed a claim with assurant for this phone to be replaced, my claim was approved next day and I received my replacement. I sent the damaged phone back to assurant on September 14th and received a notification it was received September 17th in their York PA warehouse. I received a letter in November stating phone was not received, so I called assurant and their Rep stated that they had actually received the phone but the package had not been scanned in. Then I get a charge on my T-Mobile account in December stating assurant never received their damaged device. I call assurant and again I am told the device was received but the packaged had not been scanned. I wait a week and call again and now another rep is telling me the package I sent was empty and it was received empty, so I ask why would I claim a damaged phone and then keep it. Why would I send an empty package and taken the time to tape it and mail it and track it just so I could be told package was received but it is empty so you have to pay full price for a refurbished phone replacement. This is definitely a scam and there is no way that our packages arrive empty. It makes no sense my phone was literally in pieces due to car accident who would steal a damaged phone that had no use. Please T-Mobile investigate assurant and please find another insurance provider for your customers.

27 replies

Use your tracking number to contact customer service to let you know the weight of the package at different locations on the way to its destination. It will save you time. I am waiting for a reimbursement check since 02/2. Just figured out that my package weighted 1 pound and .6lbs at another location on the way :/.

Assurant is the worst company I have dealt with in my life!!!!


They are still scamming people, absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with in my entire life, I am literally afraid to send the garbage defective phone back with an 81% battery health back after the horror stories here too now, and that was my replacement for my phone at 81% and a tiny crack on the front. What a waste of my time!!!!

oh and they weren’t approving my claim until I filed a BBB complaint then miraculously my phone that wasn’t on the phone line at the time of the claim suddenly was confirmed to be incorrect. It never left the line whatsoever. 

Just at a complete loss of words. My only question is T-mobile in on it? Why would they use such a horrendous company???