Being charged for device tmobile received but cannot locate

  • 16 February 2022
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In January of 2022 I purchased a new iphone pro 13. I received the device and on the same day requested to return it because it was too small. I was sent a shipping label from tmobile for UPS. I packed up the device in the exact same packaging and mailed it the next day. In the meantime I had ordered the PRO MA X instead. I paid $119.03 for the first phone and was told I would be refunded once the device is returned. After a few weeks I followed up and was told the device was received by tmobile on January 11 and that my refund was being processed. Another week goes by no refund. I called and was told it could take up to 30 days and its still processing. Last week I check and still no refund so I called and was told by a “tmobile expert” that they never scanned in the IMEI number that is why I didnt get my refund yet. She assured me this would be taken care of etc. Fast forward to today...I got a call from tmobile, the same “tmobile expert” and she said you havent received the refund because we have not received the device!!!!! The package was shipped via UPS and shows delivered. So now tmobile tells me the that because they cannot find it not only will I not be refunded my $119 but they will continue to bill me the $36 per month for a phone that i DO NOT HAVE.  I know for 100% fact that the device was returned therefore that means either someone at UPS stole it or Tmobile has an internal theft problem because i returned the phone. The tmobile rep insisted it was impossible for theft to occur therefore in other words calling me a liar. I have 12 active lines with tmobile in good standing and recently brought people over from At&t. I cannot believe tmobile is willing to lose a customer over $119.  Last month it was discovered that they were billing me $20 a month for a tablet i received in a promotional offer in 2020 but had returned it a couple days later. They system showed i returned the device but they continued to bill me. Ultimately they refunded me $350 however this goes to show you how messed up the system is. The past month I have received nothing but the run around about my refund and to now say you cannot locate the device that shows delivered and that you are going to charge me is insane.  I am so upset that I will no longer refer anyone to Tmobile, I am going to cancel all my lines, report this to the Better Business Bureau and considering legal action just for the principal of the matter!  They claim they have done all they can do and until the phone is located oh well they will continue to bill me. Mind you the phone isn’t showing activated or anything. This is absurd and highly disturbing. They also refused to tell me the contents of the box. All they kept saying was the phone was not in there. At this point i have reached my wits end with Tmobile. I do not need the to go through hours and weeks of phone calls just to try and scam someone for $119. I dont need the the money that bad but at this time its the principle of the matter. Beware to future potential customers. Think twice before going to Tmobile. I regret ever buying the phone via the app! There is no recourse on Tmobile’s end. It all falls on the customer and that is truly a shame!!!!! 

13 replies

I thought I was the only one T-Mobile was doing this to. I have been charged a $397 fee for a home internet device they claim they can't find. I've been with them for 10 years and cant believe they are doing this to a loyal customer. 

I Am in the same situation returned a phone in July and they just told me they received the box but cant locate the phone! Seems like they are just using the same story and just scamming and stealing from people! They opened another investigation to find it,but I am sure they will come up with another excuse! if they don’t find it I’ll definitely leave them and never refer anyone this is just terrible service!

Same here. Been a T Mobile customer for over a year. I had ordered a Pixel 6 pro device, I was scammed over the phone that the device was great and it does not have any over heating and cellular connectivity issues but I experienced the opposite and I returned the device through the shipping label sent to me through email. When I track the status of the delivery on the UPS website it says it has been delivered. I have been following up with them regarding the delivery for the past 2-3 weeks but I was told that the item has been received but there is some delay in processing the item and now suddenly I got a call saying nothing is there in the box and I'll be charged for the rest of the reminding time which is unfair and unjustified. They are unable to track and tie the IMEI number to any of the numbers on the account as well. They don't even want to send me a copy of the conversation that was being told over the phone. This is very fishy. Is T Mobile trying to scam the customers? The customer cannot do anything for something that is beyond his control. I requested the service support to escalate the issue and he told me that he is doing it and he has kept my call on hold for the past 30 minutes. Is T Mobile trying to cheat it's loyal customers? 

Clearly T-Mobile is either scamming their customers or they have a theft situation in their warehouse!  I returned a Samsung smart watch and have the proof of delivery with tracking number yet it was never removed from my bill. I called and they said oh it wasn't entered in the system, I'll provide the delivery confirmation and get this resolved in 5 days. I just received an email "T-Mobile handset order research request" stating they have no record of the IMEI being received. As the device was not associated with any device offer, buyer's remorse or handset exchange, we are unable to take any action.

I WILL be taking action, first thing is filing an official complaint with the Attorney General office. The next action will be to file a complaint with the BBB and then I will start sharing my experience on social media. Btw I have 5k friends on FB. Yelp reviews will also be posted and Google reviews.

Btw I also had the same experience previously with being charged for an additional line for a tablet I didn't have for years and had asked that it be removed, only to find out it was still on my bill YEARS later! There are more honest companies out there.....   Check out US MOBILE....

I also returned a home internet device they state they can’t find but I have proof of delivery using the tracking from the return label THEY PROVIDED. So I know they have the proof of delivery too. No one will allow me to send the proof of delivery to them or give me an email address to send it to. They are turning a blind eye and billing me $370+ anyways.

Ditto 3 or 4 words CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!! I've been charged for a phone I haven't had over a year. I returned and they said they don't have it. I don't have it! Wth!. I just sent a Samsung fold back. LIKE IMMEDIATELY I knew the phone was too heavy and not for me they received this phone a week ago yesterday. They escalated it what does that mean to me? They escalated it again. I asked, what do you think is going to happen that hasn't happened from the first escalation. I estimate that this ordeal has cost me over $1k. This is a scam. I'm done with tmobile but will join the lawsuit that they are scamming people out of. This has to be in the millions. Seeing how all of us are having the same experience. Can you imagine the mounds of money 💰 they are obtaining from people fraudulently even after you are getting confirmation saying it was delivered! WOW JUST WOW

I have been a customer since 2009 never had a problem until they switched from sprint to T-Mobile.

I upgraded my phone on line it said if I sent the old phone back the new one would be free so I did .  

when I got my new phone I sent the old phone back they said they would credit my account that was back in May. As of today 10/9/2022 still no credit I also got a smart watch at the store where i live after a few days it would go dead after a few hours. i took it to the store where they said i had to call customer services so i called customer service they keep saying i had to take it to the store. I finely got to send the watch back but now they are charging me for 2 watch's and a phone that supposed to be free . i would not recommend T-Mobile to anyone     

They are charging me each month for a device they said they didn’t receive.  I also have the UPS tracking and it said it was delivered to the T-Mobile warehouse and they are saying they can not find it!  I am so mad!  I have been dealing with this since May or 2022 - they also said they would give me 800.00 for my phone trade in and are now not giving me any credit at all.  This company need to be in a lawsuit!  I refuse to pay them, they can’t take advantage of people like this!

I brought my kids two Apple phones for Christmas on the T-Mobile website. The first one I ordered arrived around 11/26 and the 2nd on around 12/5. I ordered a 2nd phone because I received an e-mail stating that I can get 2 lines for 90 dollars. I kept both phones in the box under the tree until Christmas and then activated both phones at the same time, which was on the 25th of December, Christmas day.

My son called me this morning to tell me that his phone was disconnected due to nonpayment, but my daughter phone is working just fine. I don’t understand, how can I be billed for service that I never used!

I called Customer Care, but they were no help at all. I asked to talk to a supervisor, but she said that they were in a meeting, then I asked her what state she was in, she said the Philippines! Next, I asked if I could talk to someone that’s in the United States and she told me she could not transfer me. If this is how T-Mobile treat their customers, I don’t think I want to be one. 😡

It's happening to me too. I called after many months of not paying attention to my bill and the rep over the phone during the summer told me they had the phone in the warehouse after I had returned it to the nearest UPS store. Just a few minutes ago I spoke to a supervisor about what happened and she said 2 alarming things. 1 she said whenever they say they're recording for quality and training purposes it's only at random and it's just more for training purposes because she told me they can't check the call log from the conversation I had with the rep. The rep told me they had the phone in their warehouse and they needed just to scan it in. The same thing almost happened to 2 other equipment I sent them back. They said they lost them and kept charges on my account but after I pressed t mobile to look for this stuff they finally found them. Is there any way we all can form a class action suit? Because the way it looks T mobile engaged in theft. By the way the supervisor blamed UPS and told me to speak to them and I said no because it'll all be a run around. T mobile needs to refund me and stop stealing money from my account. What they should do is take of the situation leaving the customer out of the conflict. We returned the items and we shouldn't be responsible for anything that happens in the middle of the shipping process. 

Same. I have been y the company for more than 10 years. Now they want to charge me for a modem i returned and they cant find. The worst part is that they have a totally wrong tracking number that what they gave me.

the representative that helped me was rude and said, “well you don’t have it and we don’t have it, so someone has to pay for it”

It certainly sounds like T Mobile is fully aware that items “disappear” at the warehouse and take no responsibility for it. They know people cannot just get rid of their phone service.

I had the same issue. I returned a damaged phone and received a refurbish replacement. Package was received in warehouse but package was empty, etc… The same scenario. If I don’t pay for it I’ll lose my service. After days of being bounced from Assurant to T-Mobile.  I filed a complaint with the FCC and the Attorney General.. Something is definitely going on either at the Assurant warehouse or the post office. 

I have received my credit.