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I've been trying to buy the Galaxy S9 from T-Mobile since the day it was released. I've tried literally every single day on multiple devices and even through the app on my phone, my mom's phone, and my sister's. No matter what I do it always comes up with an "Oops we hit a snag" error and then sends me back to select the phone and payment options after it starts to load the final screen that let's me purchase it. I'm so annoyed at this point that I'm ready to switch to another carrier. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, have you found a solution for it? I've tried clearing my cache, I've tried incognito mode, I've (as I already stated) used several different devices with no luck.


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tmo_chris This has nothing to do with anybodys account. It is clear T-Mobile website has serious technical issues that is being ignored. I Also Can't Do a Online Purchase...OOP'S HIT A SNAG!

I've shopped on several websites & never had no issues but T-Mobile OMG ABSOLUTLEY 100% HORRIFIC...SAD

I wish I could get to the payment section to see if that works. It won’t let me get passed selecting the phone I want to buy before it says “oops! We’ve hit a snag!”

I've tried contacting you guys already and y'all wanted a $30 service fee. I'm not paying extra for something I should be able to do online, but can't because your website is messed up. I've continued to try every day since I posted this with no different result and I am now angry. I will be switching carriers today.

I've been trying off and on to buy the new iPhone XR for three weeks, and whether I'm on the site or app, I get the same error message as everyone above. I've already considered switching carriers, but the site issues aren't helping me want to stay. I don't exactly want to pay the extra 20 dollars to upgrade in store when I should be able to do it online.

Wow a year later and still the same issue as others have shared in this post! I am/was trying to make a phone purchase online and I keep getting the message "Oops we hit a snag".  Obviously this issue is not going to be fixed.  Way to go TMobile!!

Same issue. Apparently everyone who tries to order "hits a snag." Is this some kind of tactic to get people to call in and be upsold or buy add ons?? A year later and still no resolve........sounds fishy to me.  The "Un-carrier" is also the Un-able to order online carrier as well it seems.

Same here. A quick Google search turns up hundreds of threads and comments about this issue going back over a year, with customer support representatives offering nothing helpful. Fun stuff.

Still having the same issue. Reps have been super nice, but it’s still SO ANNOYING. I don’t want to see “oops we’ve hit a snag” ever again.

This is insane. I’ve had this problem for at least a week or two now and the last rep I spoke with seemed extremely unfamiliar with how T-Mobile even functions. All he seemed trained to do was to process the sale for me instead of fixing the problem. 

I am having similar issue. Not able to pay for data plan. When asked on the “Chat with Expert”, they gave me a number to call. When I call the number, they are charging me service fee to talk to the support agent (sorry “Expert”). 😒

I have been trying to order a couple Otterbox cases for hours on the web and my phone and never get past the shipping page either. This has been going on for over 2 years? WTF?

Worst decision ever. I've had nothing but problems and few humans with the communication skills necessary to solve them. If things don't start going well, I'm out. They can start by giving me all the subscriptions I was promised at sign up 

Same here!

Sprint is wayyyy better, I need to cancel this. Never had this bad of a time whit service! You know the only reason why I ever had to move to others is the fact this bill I have IS way over my limit! More then $100 for a bill! the service there putting out should be $20!

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Years later, as of today 1/20/2023, am unable to shop for a phone, muchless actually make a purchase. Other areas of the tmobile site seem to behave normally, but when I click Shop now, I get the following:


{"code": "General-1004", "userMessage": "Gateway Timeout", "systemMessage": "Gateway Timeout", "detailLink": ""}

So the good news is, the old “We hit a snag!” has been replaced with fresh gibberish. As a new customer of about 10 days, I am seriously considering moving back to my old provider. This is amateur hour stuff. I have no issue at all with other websites. Just this one. 


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Oh my goodness! You have definitely tried everything imaginable to rule it out as a browser issue. If you are getting this error when trying to upgrade through your account, we are going to need to take a closer look at what is going on at the account level to fix this. If you have not already, please contact us so our care teams can get this sorted out for you.

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I am terribly sorry! Was our care team able to get a support ticket opened for the online issue? Also, if the site is not working for you, we will waive this fee and it is only $20. You can let the agent you speak with know to check internal doc DOC-421385#subhead4 for all the info they need.

I'm having the same problem. Trying to purchase/upgrade a phone online. Can't check out because it has the error message "Oops, we've hit a snag." First called in 2 weeks ago, have had 3 tickets filled out by representatives, and still nothing. No one knows why the message appears. Have had no follow ups on my tickets either. Just simply want to buy a phone, but can't.

This is the exact wording of the error message that appears as I try to checkout:


The page did not load for some reason, but you are still on track.

Try again

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I am terribly sorry @magenta5204196 😥     

This is definitely a hiccup on the web side with your specific account. The best way to get this resolved is with a support ticket filed by our care teams. Since you have already had a few filed for you, we should definitely have some sort of update for you. We unfortunately cannot see customer accounts here on a user forum but if you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use the links in my signature to message our T-Force team. They will be able to pull up your account and see a full history of the support tickets you have had opened.

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@tmo_chris​ I don't think it is with a specific account, not sure if all above are the same but I have been checking since they night they opened pre-order and keep getting the same error or the "oops" error mentioned in the previous post, I have got both.  You can briefly see where is starts to ask you the condition of the phone then this message populates over the top.  

On a side note, I can't even get myT-Mobile to even open on Chrome right now, I get "bad request" weird.  This site works on Chrome as does main T-Mobile page but myT-Mobile won't, I have to use ME, FF or IE.

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Hey @tiffany562411 and @stevetjr

I just checked our internal issues and I did not see any issues with the site listed. As for not being able to log into on Chrome, i just tested it and it was working. Would you be able to try again and let me know if you are still seeing the issue.

For any other issues with failures when attempting to make purchases, we will need to get a web support ticket opened up so it can be investigated. Since we will need specific account information to log the ticket, we would need to speak with you over the phone to gather that information securely.

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On the chrome yes still getting the issue; I wiped my cache out and that didn't fix it so then wiped out my cookies (just sounds weird say that lol) and that seems to have resolved it.  On a visit to the site I must have gotten a bad cookie from TMO 😉

As for the ordering, still on the fence about actually JUMP'ing even though I can since I still have JUMP v.1 😊 not sure dropping $375 (279 + TN sales tax which is 9.25%) for 6 months which with $30 per month = about $62 per month for it when I have an S9+.  Probably will just wait for the Galaxy S 10 unless by some miracle the Note 9 price/down payment drops a bit.

I can't make a purchase either. I've tried for 2 days straight now. Same error message popping up when close to checking out. Why can't I order offline?

Experiencing the same issue, considering switching if I'm honest so many issues

Having the same issue, tried all browser, multiple devices, cleared cache/cookies, even call Ed customer support and they where not able to get the system to give me my upgrade. I also tried support chat for over 2 hours and Cathleen was unsuccessful ln getting me an upgrade. This is beyond rediculous and im ready to leave T mobile for goo. Hello Amazon!