Credit Card billing is not working

  • 6 January 2017
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i try to pay off my bills online but it keeps saying enter a vaild number. And my cards are working fine. Has anyone been running into this problem?


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62 replies

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That is odd! Have you been able to pay your online T-Mobile bill with this card in the past? Can you try calling 611 from your phone and using our automated system to make a payment with that same card? This will let us know if the issue is with the card or just with the website.

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Just wanted to check in with you here to see if you were still having issues with making your payment online. Let me know 😊

Hello, I also can't pay my bill with my visa card that's on file. I can with another card but don't have funds on that card. I have funds on my normal card that's on my tmobile. I tried 611 and tried to call thru the automated system but still says invalid card number. I don't understand this have been going on for over a year now. Just 1 day the system stop taking it. I pay other bills with my card. Don't understand why everytime I call or pay online it doesn't go thru. I shouldn't have to get cash and always go to a tmobile center to pay my bill every month. Sometimes like now, it's very inconvenient.  Can u please help.

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Second month in a row I try to pay my bill online via credit card and the system is too stupid to recognize it's a VALID NUMBER!  What is the matter with your website management???

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Well that is no good at all! Is it only the website that gives you the error? Have you tried using the same card via our automated system when calling 611?

Same thing here!!! I tried customer service last night and the agent told me that it's probably  a system malfunction and that I should wait till next morning and try again, but then again she said she was not sure what's going on. I'd like to pay online not through the phone so I can print my receipt and dont want to go through the hassle of calling every time I pay my bill.

PLease fix this!!!!

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I'm facing a similar issue with my pay as you go plan. Tried to refill but the system won't accept any credit card(although there is no fault with the cards, I checked it). Called the Tmobile customer support but they are clueless. Time to move on..

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Sorry folks! If you are able to make payments over the phone but only having the issue with online payments, we will need to open up a support ticket with our web teams to get this fixed. This is something that is totally fixable so please contact us when you have a moment and we will get everything sorted out.

The payment system is still not working!!! what is goin on??? is this something that you are aware of and will fix ??? I'm trying to upgrade and pay for a phone and I cant do it over the phone or online!!!!! whats going on please answer!!!

Over the phone is also damage...We are unable to make payments over the phone nor online.when this is going to be fix?

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Yes, it doesn't work over the phone or online, not even after talking to the representative. Btw, there is no problem with the credit card,  just that Tmobile payment system is corrupt for some reason.

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I am not seeing any current open issues for online or over the phone payment issues. This is something that we will need to look at with each of you individually for privacy reasons. Please contact us when you have a moment so our care teams can look into these issues with you.

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It's impossible to get hold of a payment issue specialist at T-mobile, they're always busy...

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I got it fixed, eventually! There was a restriction placed on my account due to an issue. Two fraudulent charges had appeared on my credit card a few months ago; I notified the credit card company and got it reverted but T-mobile ended up losing that money hence the restriction. Now it's working fine..

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There are no issues with security on my computer... not only have I successfully used my card(s) on several other website for purchases, I am also an expert pc user that knows how to protect myself.  Trying to blame T-Mobile's obvious problem on their customers is beyond lame.  I was forced to drive to the local store to pay my bill again (not that 7 miles is a long way, but in this day & age why should anyone have to?). BTW using the SAME card that the website said wasn't valid.  To rub salt in the wound, I get a nasty-gram text 3 days after I made payment in person notifying me that my bill was past due.  T-Mobile is simply a very inept company and they havn't a clue how to treat a customer that has been with them for 6 years now.

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I am so sorry that you had to go through that @magenta3480727​ If you have an issue making a payment with a specific card, we will usually recommend checking with the financial institution first but if everything is clear on their side, this is something that our support teams can definitely look into.

@magenta3505755 Glad to hear it is working now! Was the restriction put on your T-Mobile account or was this on your bank account?

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tmo = you're completely missing the issue!

It is NOT my card, otherwise how would I have been able to successfully use the SAME CARD in person to make my payment?  It can be nothing other than faulty web coding.

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I completely understand where you are coming from. Sometimes financial institutions may block or restrict online purchases/payments. This is the only reason that we ask that you contact your bank first. They will also be able to see the attempts made and give us a better understanding as to why it is failing. If they don't see anything on their side, it could very well be an issue with our site/your account which we can investigate for you. If you have already spoken with your bank and they do not have any restrictions, please call 611 from your phone and our care team will verify you and open up a support ticket with our web teams.

I'm having the same issue! I have tried three different cards and it is saying that it is invalid!!I already used the cards for other purchases! This is very frustrating!!

I have the same problem..I was able to make a payment on the 26th but cannot get it to accept my bank information now

I'm Having the exact same problem.  When I try to pay my bill all I get is "Enter a valid credit card number" In crome, on Edge, and on the phone app. It doesn't have my old, saved cards ether. My bill is already over due and you get charged if you make payments over the phone. 😥

I'm having the same problem. I was able to call and make a payment over the phone and they waived the fee for doing so. But this does seem to be a persistent issue so I hope it's looked at on the company's end because with multiple people having this issue it doesn't seem to be about our cards. They were able to take the exact same card over the phone and while I was on hold with her I paid two other bills with that card online.

getting the SAME exact issue. Any answers??

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Hey folks! For this specific issue, we will need to pull up your information and verify there are no hangups with your specific accounts. If you have not already, please contact our customer care team so that we can investigate this issue further.

I did I let them know when I called in and they told me they we're able to take the payment over the phone. That was the only courtesy that was offered me. I went back and try to enter it again and was given the same invalid response. Then I went to turn on payment for a monthly automatic draft and it accepted the car with no issue. It's only for singular payments that the minute I enter the card number it processes it as an invalid number. It's not when it tries to run the card, it's as soon as I enter it. As though it doesn't have enough numbers or doesn't begin with the right sequence. Same card is willing to monthly draft automatically through the online system. Same card can be processed over the phone with a person. That feels like a system error