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  • 30 January 2021
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I just wanted to show a amazing amount of appreciation to Janellaannecamille(12269971) @T-Mobile for assisting me today, she was extremely helpful and I mean her attitude was exceptional, she made my day better and I’m glad I had the chance to speak with her, I really hope she gets the recognition she deserves , because today she was of much help , and I hope someone is able to get this message to the right person.

6 replies

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That is great to hear!  Hopefully @tmo_mike_c or one of the other T-Mobile employees that sometimes lurk around here can pass on your compliment. 


I just want to commend Kenneth adrian for assisting me with my bill today. He went above and beyond. Thank you guys so much! Kenneth adrian deserves a raise. He is the tmobile vision.

I just wanted to let everyone know that Raven Harper ( was amazing and helped me with all my concerns. I had an issue with my down payment for my preorder of the iPhone 13 Pro Max being set at $900.00 with a different agent from T-Mobile. However, with Raven’s help, she was able to adjust the error made by the previous agent and was able to correctly charge my account. In addition, Raven was able to answer all my questions, as well as suggest deals and promotions that were going on that I was unaware of. If I could give Raven Harper a 10 out of 10 stars for doing an amazing job, I would give her 20 stars. Truly someone who was able to help me all while being patient, kind, and proactive.

I did not know anywhere else to submit this. I wanted to do a shout out for Liz at the Pleasant hill Cal. store.  I had my PSIM stolen from one of my phones and the other phone stolen entirely. Liz went above and beyond to get me up rolling with the PSIM card, and had the only replacement phone in the bay area (at another location) set aside for me so I could purchase it after work.

People like Liz should the example with the T-Mobile organization. 

 Over the past weekend I had the pleasure of working with Kendall L (#1204818) on two different issue I was having with my account. In the years I have been with T-Mobile I have never had a Customer Service experience like this one. She was so friendly and professional and she did what she said she was going to do!!! She called me back as promised and assured me that she would be able to resolved my issues and she did. I hope this gets back to her so she know how much I appreciate her and the awesome job she did. She deserves a free lunch or maybe a raise.

I don’t normally do this but I feel I needed to this time. Shaira aka Shy was the lovely C.S. Agent I had the pleasure of speaking with this afternoon.. She was very professional and omg CARING.. She helped provide assistance to me dealing with a bill situation and went so far as to even keep me smiling during the whole conversation. Many things were going on in the background and she was sooo understanding, even to hold then ask if things were okay. I’m very thankful to have had her as my agent. A stress free call !! I definitely appreciate you Shy !! ~DestiniW.