Customer Support difficulty

  • 16 August 2022
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I would like to suggest T-Mobile management hire customer support representatives that are from the same time zone and country. In other words if the caller is from California, the representative should be from the west coast of the United States,  The problem I have had conversing with a representative in the Philippines from California is two fold: 1. there is a delay long enough to cause either the caller or representative to speak over the other, this used to happen with international calls utilizing satellites to connect caller to called. 2. Even though the representative speaks English, it is their second language and is very difficult to understand. 3. When I last spoke with a representative from the Philippines, the rep would continuously repeat what was said in the last statement which is not necessary and annoying to say the least.

In summary:

  1. Utilize representatives in the same time zone and country as the caller.
  2. Utilize a representative that speaks the same first language.
  3. Have the representative stop repeating what was said during a conversation. Once is enough, twice is annoying, the third time is ridiculous. 

1 reply

Also, when i get to the Tmobile site it only works in Español!