Does T-Mobile offer any other kind of financial help other than making a payment arrangement?

  • 22 June 2018
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UHi, I’ve been with T-Mobile just under two years now and have been very satisfied. I have been very satisfied. Recently I had an unexpected

bill due to the only vehicle my family has requiring

repaIr. As a result, I am playing catch up with bills. I made

a payment arrangement the first payment was successful

however, I was unable to pay the second payment.

in order to avoid suspension, I need to pay $150

to become eligible for a new payment arrangement

this needs to be paid ASAP but I can not do so for another week. .

Does T-Mobile offer another assistance for hardships?


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The best course of action is call T-Mobile explain your situation and tell them when you will be able to make the payment. Communication is the best course of action.

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Oh boy, that's unfortunate. We totally wanna help you out as best as we can. As mentioned above, you should Community-2153​ and speak with our care folks to see what options are available.

I’m in a crises been in and out the hospital now COVID’s in the home I’m done for if I can’t get help with my bill my family’s all got their phones on this plan

I had contacted customer service about needing some assistance and if they had some sort of hardship program and I was told yes but I didn't qualify. I don't see how I've been with them 2yrs but don't qualify for a hardship program when I had got sick and lost my job. I'm very upset with TMobile 

My sister is in the hospital with liver problems and phone off she just need 1 more week she was told no. 

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so you coudlnt do a payment arrangement or anything to try and get a bit of an extension?