Failing to receive 2FA authentication sms from multiple sources

  • 5 February 2019
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For some odd reason every time I request a token to login to some accounts, I'm not receiving any sms texts. I tried other phones and with other wireless provider and it does work. Is this happening to any other TMO users/accounts?

TMO should really investigate this issue.


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14 replies

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Would you mind listing the companies you are having issues receiving 2FA's from?  What device are you using as well?  2FA's are working fine for me on my Note 9 from Amazon, Ubisoft, Bethesda, and Steam.


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Are you a prepaid or postpaid customer?  I know some banks, like SunTrust, will not allow their system to verify 2FA on prepaid numbers for security reasons. 

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Hey, @pbesk18​!

We'd love to help figure out why 2FA isn't working the way it should be.  @syaoran asked a few questions and it'd be helpful to know the answers:

- what type of plan are you currently on?

- are you using DIGITS?

- what type of companies are you not able to receive the authentication texts from?

Twitter, and yes it is a digits number for me.

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Thanks! With it specifically being Twitter, we'll need you to file a ticket with our DIGITS team via 611 or T-Force (through Facebook/Twitter). With DIGITS lines, most short codes won't go through but Twitter, Amazon, Facebook and a few others are already verified to be compatible.

I am experiencing something very similar.

Ported my number from Google Voice to T-Mobile.

On iPhone 12, on Magenta plan.

No 2FA SMS messages are received on my phone.

T Mobile is a rip off they dont put their customers 1 st . I’m taking my bussiness to a compant that does care about their customers . Merry Xmas T moblie


I am experiencing the blocking of Microsoft Office365 text messages for their two-factor authentication. Come on TMOBILE - can you fix this with DIGITS lines once and for all? these services are CRITICAL for day to day work and business. Especially during these times when all of us are working from home

I am having the same issue with an iphone.  No 2FA but other SMS is working


I can’t even get two-factor authentication texts from T-Mobile when I attempt to log in to my account. This just started happening a few months ago. I get them from other companies, without a problem. I end up resorting to getting the code via email, which I receive within seconds.

Tmobile, please fix short codes with DIGITS?  That is one of the main reasons for DIGITS to exist as a backup to the SIM, in today’s world.

I have the same issue with Instagram. What is the fix?

2-factor auth codes from and do not work with my t-mobile phone. Others work fine. In fact, they work fine with my spouse’s phone, and she is also a t-mobile customer - with the exact same phone!