HELP! My T-Mobile Login HELL!

  • 2 January 2023
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I cannot log in to My T-Mobile from Google, Firefox, Edge or Chrome on my Dell LAPTOP! I can log in on my Dell desktop. When I try on my laptop, I get this message: "Oh no! We have run into an issue when linking this number to the profile. Please contact our Care experts at 1-877-778-2106 to get this resolved." I have cleared all the caches on each browser. I did call a few days ago and she made a case ticket. Heard nothing. Tried again today and, STILL, can’t log in on my LAPTOP. Does work on my desktop. So, I called again, and she made up another case ticket. This is SO FRUSTRATING! Does ANYONE have ANY idea why this is happening? Does ANYONE have any solutions? 

1 reply

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Are you running any pop-up, cookie, and tracking blockers?  Are you trying to login with the browser in privacy mode?  If so, try disabling them in Edge, restart the browser, and try logging in again.  Making your your browser is running the latest version as well is another thing to check.