HORRIBLE customer service.

  • 4 April 2024
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Firstly not well trained individuals at the store who talk down on the competition… very tacky. Second the call representatives don’t seem to understand English very well, they say don’t worry when clearly there is an issue, they say we are taking care of it…. When they are not. Then you get a text message saying all of your concerns were addressed, when they were not… gaslight much? 

they do not handle concerns. I was unable to be transferred to a supervisor and customer service appears to be harassing me with phone calls three days in a row because they clearly don’t communicate that I already talked with someone and I took care of the issue they were stating which by the way was due to untrained staff at their physical location who misguided in the process of keep and switch photo submissions. 

Im very frustrated to say the least and wondering if I made a horrible decision switching from my previous carrier. 

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