How can I block ALL text messages sent from EMAIL ADDRESSES?

  • 16 January 2020
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Can T-Mobile comment on the issue? We are all receiving spam from various email addresses coming straight to SMS.


I can confirm that I have the “Block email” and “Block Instant Message sent via SMS” and “Scam Block” all enabled.


I am on iPhone and can confirm that the message is labeled “text message” coming straight to my phone number (not an email address containing my phone’s number), and it is also not labeled as “iMessage”. (It is 100% an SMS message, not iMessage.)


I’ve forwarded every single one of these to 7726, and received confirmation.


I have pretty consistently received these messages around every day or every other day since porting in to T-Mobile and never received these messages on Verizon, so the inability to block (or ability to receive) these messages appears to be a T-Mobile issue.

Come on, T-Mobile - Lets get some help in here. Same issue, no help from T-Mobile so far other than the suggestion “you can change your number...”

Can T-mobile do something about this?


I called T-Mobile about this and first they promised to call me back with a solution, and then never called. I called again and was told the only solution is to change my phone number. I don’t want to change my number- there must be a way to fix this! I am getting the same messages as others in this thread, for the same websites, sometimes multiple times a day. My son uses my phone for gaming and sees these, and they also appear on my apple watch even though I have the filter turned on on my iPhone. Thank goodness I’m not going into an office right now for work- I would get written up for sure if someone saw my watch or phone light up with these.

I've been getting over 1,000 of these a day for 4 days now. Please help my phone is useless at this point. It can't take this load and the people that I need to be in touch with can't reach me

I’m having the same problem. I’ve done the recommended suggestions and that has not helped. This needs to be addressed.

Forward the texts to 7726

Is there any update on this? I have started getting 5 to 10 of these a day, and I would hate to have to change providers.

I'm having the same issue too. I get a number of spam messages each week from email addresses, sent as text messages. I forward every single one to 7726. The real issue here is that T-Mobile only allows us to block phone numbers from text messaging, not email addresses. The spammers and scammers know this and are taking full advantage of it. 

So, T-Mobile, won't you please add a feature to messaging that allows us to block individual email addresses from sending us text messages, just as we are able to block individual phone numbers. 

I recently started getting SMS messages from email addresses ending with  One from Another from Spammers are so annoying. I sent messages to 7726 to report spam.  I just got off a chat with T-Mobile rep. I specifically asked to have all email to text disabled form T-Mobile gateway to all numbers on my account.  Fingers crossed that it works.


Well that didn’t work. I got 2 more today. 

If anyone knows of a solution, it will be appreciated.

I have started getting the same messages from this is something that TMobile needs to block at a firewall level since these are coming from Hong Kong. Please fix this issue!

I have recently been receiving these as well - some exact ones mentioned above. I report them to span and have been frustrated that the block to tmomail wasn't doing anything as that's how I assumed they were coming in. I finally logged in to my account and thought to check my incoming text logs. It shows that these messages are coming from 6245 (spells out MAIL and it sounds like it's a generic code used by web-based programs for  IMing, Texts, etc) Since these spam messages seem to be the only ones I can see coming from that number, I just blocked it. Fingers crossed!


I have also had this same issue for weeks!!

Thank you Franzy for the tip!

I checked my history on my T-mobile account and found the same info.  Even though the sender’s information displays as an email on my phone, it says it comes from (624)5 which is MAIL like you said.  Excellent find! 

I blocked 6245 so hopefully that will fix this issue with spam email texts.


Ugh. I just got another one.  So apparently that didn't work.  I'll keep digging around for ideas. 

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Same issue here. At least 1-2 per day for me.


Of course, blocking each message and reporting as spam has had no effect. Also have had the “Block email" setting enabled on my line for two days now, with no effect.  I have heard on another forum calling T-Mobile “T-Force" and asking them to block email to SMS seemed to work for them.  I'll have to see what that means and make the call myself.

EDIT: T-Force is the supposedly cute name T-Mobile support techs call themselves.



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Just got off the phone with T-Mobile (1-800-937-8997), had the service rep escalate me to the tech support team, and the guy there was surprised that their Email to SMS service wasn't discontinued already.  I informed him that the option to “Block email" is available to customers, but enabling the option has no effect.  He was then able to confer with his supervisor and confirm that the block I turned on has been enabled since yesterday, but was surprised to learn that I still received another spam message today. I also explained that I can email my phone # at the address ( any time, at will, from my Gmail account and get the text message seconds later, despite the block being in place.

He will be digging into it and getting back to me...

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Hey guys, started a new thread, since this current one we have all been posting to is considered “Solved" and may not get any attention.  Check it out, and feel free to post there if you'd rather:


Hmmm, there's a few different ways these emails could be coming in, so I think we should try ruling some out. They could be going to [Your Phone Number], so let's turn that off. Could you change your Message Blocking settings on My T-Mobile so they Block email? That will help us isolate where they're coming from.

This doesn't work! Still getting multiple a day! Can't block because it's not a #. Even adding as a contact to them block does NOT work! This is ridiculously annoying!

I am having the same issue as everyone else. This is absolute BS that this can't be turned off. I haven't received any useful help from T-Mobile. There are enough people having problems that this should get escalated.

Have you tried texting "BLOCK 6245" to 9999?


Didn't work. Not available to Tmobile customers I guess!


Didn't work. Not available to Tmobile customers I guess!


Sorry it didn't help.  I guess it only works for Sprint customers that were forced to Tmobile because of the merger. 

I’m having the same problem. The messages are all coming from different email addresses and they usually contain a link pointing to “” somewhere near the top of the message.

T-Mobile needs to address this and develop a method to block all messages coming from email accounts.