How do I check/change PIN

  • 8 June 2021
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In order to get help with an internet issue I’m having, I keep being asked for my 6 digit PIN. Only issue is that I don’t remember it.


I’ve tried using the T-mobile ID option, but the Edit PIN/Passcode option isn’t there.


I’ve tried using this number (1-877-453-1304), but none of the options it gave were related to the PIN.


I also don’t have a phone that can run apps since it’s not a smartphone/android of any kind, so I can’t just use that for my issue. I’ve been without my service for over 2 weeks because I can’t find anything to help me either fix my issue or get me my pin so I can just call about it.


How do I get or change my pin if the only options I keep finding don’t work?

4 replies

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Have you tried contacting Tmobile support through messenger on one of tmobile's social media platforms?  Scroll down and a link to connect with them is there.


Yes, and I got no help.

I would like to change my account pin

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I would like to change my account pin

You can change your account PIN by following the instructions at the link below.

Update your Customer PIN/Passcode | T-Mobile Support