How to delete verified business call notificaion

  • 2 October 2023
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I have never had a notification that couldn't be removed.  I don't use Scam Shield though.  Have you tried holding down on the notification to see if it gives you the option to delete it?  

This Verified Business Call Notification

was very bothersome. 

I was on the phone with tmobile tech support for days

Nobody could help me

But I figured it out without any help from Google or  tech support 

I made a video to explain how I got rid of this irritation 

Check it out let me know this helped you

Galaxy s23 ultra here


If you have a secure folder you have to do it in there also.  From the main secure folder homescreen you hit the 3 dots on the top right, go to settings and then you go to settings and follow your directions from there.  Then restart your phone. That might be why it keeps showing up.

I tried all the other steps mentioned above prior to the secure folder info and nothing.  Once I completed the secure folder steps, the notification stopped!  Thank you!! 

Just to clarify for those wondering why I don't want the notification is because it came up on ALL calls including those I made...