I'm getting two different trade-in values for my iPhone 7?

  • 20 October 2018
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So I just pre-ordered the new iPhone XR and the current trade-in promotion is that you can get $390 in monthly bill credits if I trade in my iPhone 7. So I did.

However, I just checked my trade-in shipping label info/receipt etc. from Assurant and it says "Accepted Offer Value: $121.00"


This is NOT what I accepted, nowhere during the entire processed did I ACCEPT "$121.00".

The current promo of $390 for iPhone 7 trade-in is what I accepted.

Now, I don't know if I should ship out my old phone when new one arrives. This is outrageous.


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8 replies

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I understand the confusion.  Your promotional credits will begin after receipt of your device to the warehouse, as long as the IMEI matches what was input in the original offer.  It may take 1-2 billing cycles to appear, but any delay will provide an increase credit to "catch up" to the credits owed.  

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Did you also sign up for EIP when you made the purchase? I'm guessing you went through purchase online instead of over the phone or at a retail store.

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Hi again.

Please let us know if this has been taken care of for you or if you have any other question. Thanks.

I have the same isue. My accepted offer value shows only 36$, not 250$. Please explain before I ship my iPhone 6 in? Thanks.

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Hey there- same questions as above: Did you sign up for EIP on your new phone and did you input the correct IMEI when you ordered the phone?

I DM’d them on Twitter, this is what they said:

“I can definitely see your concern there Jeff, the way the offer works is you are going to get $390 dollars in credit for 36 months a total of $10.83 a month, the reason you are seeing the $121.00 trade in value is because that would be the regular trade in value with out the offer, I double check your order and you are enrolled in the correct offer for your trade in to get the amount of $390 *Alex”

So your saying I should wait 2 months to see if they give me the value of $800. as repeatedly promised when I agreed to  purchase the new phone. And if they still say, I am only getting $198. is it too late for me to say, fine , take back  the new phone? Because, I don't understand the contrary messages , not confirming the original agreement? 


I traded in my S10+, for the S21 plus 5G

I was assured repeatedly that I would get 800 trade in, ( like getting a phone for free. I've been a Tmobile customer for over 17 years. If this falls thru, I'm out. I struggled with our local store in Yucca Valley , CA. The Tmobile reps on the phone are always nice. But we shall see what happens. Its very confusing. I don't understand why it is not straight forward and clear.