I pay for Ultra Netflix BUT TMOBILE can NOT let me use it

  • 18 October 2023
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So, my daughter who is on the family plan, and lives with me, is away at college so her tv shows up in a different HOUSE, so it WILL NOT SHOW! SO, I pay for Ultra I asked for an extra member account and WAS GOING TO PAY EXTRA because NETFLIX thinks my daughter who goes to college has to have her own account on top of all other college costs. The T-Mobile who i pay over $150 a month already has told me that the service I pay for, THEY CAN'T PROVIDE! AND that I need to get my daughter a SEPERATE ACCOUNT (more money) ON TOP OF THE PLAN I PAY FOR ALREADY! And yes I have screenshots


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26 replies

Netflix is messing up bad regardless or not if a person gets the Netflix on us and they pay for the extras like add on more devices whoever is on that plan should be able to watch their Netflix wherever they're at and now T-mobile is bringing Hulu into the picture this month 😀 that's sad milk people for $ However they can Hulu ain't all that either what's with this having to pay for TV