Is the $100 T-mobile reward a scam?

  • 27 September 2021
  • 39 replies


Is the $100 T-mobile reward a scam? 

39 replies

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Probably but we need to see who sent it.



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I've received them for $90 and $100.

Here is text message


Here’s one that I just got today, not trusting it.


Has to be a scam. I got these two about three seconds apart. Notice the clink link is different.


Someone take one for the team and click on the link to find out. Who knows you might be lucky and win $100 for being the only person to fill out survey

You wanna know how I know this is a scam. Cause I don’t even have t mobile. Jk I do but if I didn’t then I’d know forsure


I know this is definitely a scam because these links are sus af and ALL different. 

They didn't send a thing when millions of people had their information stolen. Chances are they aren't going to bother offering a thing just because of a brief service disruption... They don't care about their customers to offer them gifts. 100% scam. Guaranteed 

It’s a scam it don’t even have the t mobile website for it and my brother got one too and he don’t even have t mobile lmao

Is the $100 T-mobile reward a scam? 

Got one, too. Obviously a scam


Same here. Received on 10/2/2021 at 1:17 am

Confirmed via news it's a scam.


Took long enough to get these though. They hacked all of our info back in Aug.


Forward your messages to TMobile. They have a spam alert number. 

Totally a scam

Is the $100 T-mobile reward a scam? 

I got this one and i didnt click the link because why would i?


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Total SCAM


Another way to tell it’s a scam: more than one misspelling. Appologize and Tmobile? One is bad enough, but two? 

1.) Received at 3:29 a.m. (not typical hours for message from your own phone provider that is digitally aware of time zones)

2.) Poor spelling 

3.) NOT a T-Mobile link

4.) NOT a phone # linked to T-Mobile

5.) Did NOT use correct T-Mobile dash between t and mobile

6.) You must check everything for a scam anymore!

This is the scam link received:



I just got these… look how the spell T Mobile.  Must be a scam