Keep and Switch Fraud

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We are having the same trouble. Advertising when coming to T Mobile was just to take a screenshot and reimbursement is easy. NOT AT ALL! I have had our case (4 phones!) escalated only to keep being told what I’ve submitted is not adequate. I sent 3 pages of a pdf of my final bill from Verizon, which I’ve had to pay out of my own pocket, twice now - that after sending multiple screenshots of our payoff amounts. Each time it’s another 10 days before I get a response. What is the solution? I wish I’d never switched now.

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We still have not received keep and switch reimbursement for our AT&T iPhone 12 Pro Max. Every time it’s supposed to complete for reimbursement T-Mobile wants us to resend documents to start over. T-Mobile had us pay off the phone then switch without fulfilling its advertising of paying for the iPhone balance. All documents have been submitted 3 times. A complete deceptive trade practice.

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what part of the program have they not followed through on. kind of hard to give any help if we are unaware of what was not completed.