Keep and Switch Fraud

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Anyone else having trouble with TMobile meeting it’s promises. Three attempts now to be reimbursed for iPhone through keep and switch program. I guess they think you will just forget about what they promise you to get you to switch from AT&T. Just a new form of Corporate hot checks….. worst customer service I believe we have experienced…

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We are having the same trouble. Advertising when coming to T Mobile was just to take a screenshot and reimbursement is easy. NOT AT ALL! I have had our case (4 phones!) escalated only to keep being told what I’ve submitted is not adequate. I sent 3 pages of a pdf of my final bill from Verizon, which I’ve had to pay out of my own pocket, twice now - that after sending multiple screenshots of our payoff amounts. Each time it’s another 10 days before I get a response. What is the solution? I wish I’d never switched now.

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We still have not received keep and switch reimbursement for our AT&T iPhone 12 Pro Max. Every time it’s supposed to complete for reimbursement T-Mobile wants us to resend documents to start over. T-Mobile had us pay off the phone then switch without fulfilling its advertising of paying for the iPhone balance. All documents have been submitted 3 times. A complete deceptive trade practice.

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I am also having trouble. I paid off two newer (but past the 90 day minimum) iPhones with AT&T in March 2022 and switched to T Mobile. I submitted the keep and switch program, expecting $800 per line as advertised. I included all info and documents needed following guidance for what the photos need to show. I was told it was accepted via a call I got a few days later from the rebate department after they asked me the IMEI of the devices. I gave them, reluctantly, since I own the devices and T mobile shouldn’t really need them. I called in May after 8 weeks went by and I didn’t receive the prepaid cards.  Another member of the keep and switch team told me the account was in an exception status and that he took care of it. He told me if I want the two $800 prepaid cards it will take up to another 2-3 weeks but if I’d take two $650 prepaid cards and a $300 bill credit he could process it immediately. I told him that wasn’t the deal and I want what I was originally promised. His name was Sam Ramos. Today, 3 weeks later, still no prepaid cards so I call again. I speak to another person named Mikee with the rebate department who tells me it’s in exception status as the AT&T logo isn’t in the photo I submitted (it is). She says the need the last bill from AT&T that shows the balance is over $800 on both phones and when the service plan started. I again reluctantly agree to this and send it. I ask to speak with a manager. She calls me back 3 hours later and tells me they cannot diabetes $800 prepaid cards without a much longer process where they could put it in exception status again. But if I agree to the $650 cards and $300 bill credit, her team can process it and it’s much faster. I agree, one last time, reluctantly to this as I don’t think I’ll ever get the $800 per line i was promised and frankly why I agreed to switch. Something tells me they rarely, if ever, honor the full $800 per line promise. 

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T-Mobile Keep & Switch is nothing but a FRAUD. I went to the Tmobile store with a friend and regrettably decided to switch from Verizon to Tmobile upon hearing about the keep and switch promotion. I paid over $1200/final bill to get out of the contract with Verizon with the FALSE promise that Tmobile would reimburse a portion of it. It's been almost 5months and I still have not received the $832 rebate. I have uploaded and emailed documents over 5times and told by customer service that everything is good, only to call back wks after to be told that the submission was denied and I have to wait another 15-30days!! SCAM!!!  Customer Service is very poor, no one follows up!  Would not recommend anyone to Tmobile! 

I am another victim of this fraud. My rebate got denied saying that this number already got a rebate in 2021 and there is 24 months cool down period which is not advertised anywhere. I am planning to take it to small claims court.

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Now adding myself to this thread because I’m in the same situation…not going to submit my story because clearly T-Mobile isn’t responding to any of your requests/messages. So, given that we are all affected by this issue does anyone have an idea on how to further peruse this? I strongly suggest we all go a little higher. This is a good start below and in meantime we should bombard Corporate phone numbers with our complaints. Ideas?

Has anybody started a class action lawsuit due to this bait and switch? .. was denied after being told the phones qualified. so will start the journey the same as others. to get T-Mobile to honor there promise

Has anybody started a class action lawsuit due to this bait and switch? .. was denied after being told the phones qualified. so will start the journey the same as others. to get T-Mobile to honor there promise

we should all organize and do exactly that !!

Anyone else having trouble with TMobile meeting it’s promises. Three attempts now to be reimbursed for iPhone through keep and switch program. I guess they think you will just forget about what they promise you to get you to switch from AT&T. Just a new form of Corporate hot checks….. worst customer service I believe we have experienced…

Wow, we just switched, were promised rebate, and now new phone shows up on bill for $800. It seems this is a major scam. Probably the only way to resolve is to complain to Congress. MN Senator Amy Klobuchar loves to takes on this sort of consumer fraud: Senator Amy Klobuchar 1200 South Washington Ave #250, Minneapolis, MN 55415. 612-727-5220. The other alternative is a class action lawsuit. With all the complaints this seems like a no brainer. 

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Another victim of the Tmobile bait and switch.  Did an over the phone switch to T-Mobile with 6 phone lines after being a customer of Verizon for the past 25 years.  On the call the salesman ran all the phone imei numbers and stated that all 6 phones were good for the keep and switch promotion but only 5 lines would be reimbursed up to $1000 per line.  In addition I was told that all 6 lines would receive $200 per line for the ported in phone line.   I paid Verizon $3832 to payoff the 6 phone lines. 

Now T-Mobile is telling me that the $200 port credit and up to $1000 per line is not combinable but in addition 2 of the phones I paid off being Motorolas are not eligible at all.  

Spoken to countless people with promises of calls back from management with obviously no response.

At this point all T-Mobile says I can do is do the buyers remorse and get out of T-Mobile but where does that leave me?  Almost $4000 in the hole, a phone number that will no longer belong to me and 6 devices that can be considered bricks.  

Guess it’s time to call Verizon and see if the phones can be put back on contract so I don’t have to eat all of this money. 

By the way I only switched because T-Mobile has great service in my area and Verizon tends to be very spotty.



I was with ATT and called T-Mobile.  Their sales rep offered me a promotion that would pay off my remaining ATT equipment balance and also a promotion that pays $200 per line ported into T-Mobile.  I went ahead and switched to T-Mobile and applied for the $200 Port in promotion no problem.  Upon applying for the Keep it and Switch promotion to pay off the ATT balance of $636 I was told by the promotion department that they were non-combinable.  So either the sales person was not trained properly or she told me anyway to incentivize the sale.  Upon talking to customer service they pretty much told me I was not going to get the $636 and apologized.  What a horrible way to do business and make customers suffer for believing their sales people.  I no longer trust T-Mobile nor will I ever believe anything they tell me.  I hate companies that do not stand behind what their sales people promise.

After reading all of these, I’m slightly relieved that I’m not going crazy. I’ve been told countless times that my rebate will come in 7 days via text. And guess what, it doesn’t happen. You call back and get more and more frustrated/tired. Each call taking over 30 minutes to get to the right person and them to verify your account. It’s worse than robbery, it’s inhumane. Its torture. The patronizing overly polite techs on the other end just wasting your time. I vaguely remember a scam that Comcast pulled and was finally reported to the attorney general that resulted in a huge civil suit. What they would do is promise a promotion and when you went to redeem it, they would pass you around from department to department and then disconnect.  I can only think of the managers / higher ups who schemed this and how sick and ultimately lonely they are. 

I'm having the same issue.  I have resubmitted the claim several times. Each time to be given a different reasons why I didn't qualify yet before we switched I met the criteria.  SO FRUSTRATING.

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Anyone else having trouble with TMobile meeting it’s promises. Three attempts now to be reimbursed for iPhone through keep and switch program. I guess they think you will just forget about what they promise you to get you to switch from AT&T. Just a new form of Corporate hot checks….. worst customer service I believe we have experienced…

Same here_ waiting for 3 months now!

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I want to update that now, about 2.5 months later, I believe I have received my rebate and been able to use the card to transfer the money to my bank account. That hasn’t quite happened yet but it appears as if it should. The process is incredibly cumbersome but may eventually work.

anyone happen to know what the promotion code is?


I have spoken to T-Mobile many many times regarding their “KEEP and SWITCH” program.  I signed up for T-Mobile on 8/21 after having been with ATT for 16 years.  When I spoke to the rep on the phone regarding their promotions to come over, he informed me of several things.

  1. I could go to the local store after paying my $175 “activation” fee to pick up my 5 sim cards for the lines I was bringing over to T-Mobile from ATT.  Upon arriving at the store I was told that this was not accurate and they would come in the mail.  Nice!  wasted an hour driving to and from the store to look like an idiot.  
  2. He also told me that I qualified for 4 of the 5 phones under the “Keep and Switch” program (I am now calling it the bait and switch program).  I told him that I owed $966 for each of the 3 iPhone Pro 13 Max phones and $540 for the Samsung Fold.  He stated that if I paid them off I would get $800 per phone which would more than cover my expense paid to ATT.  I took his word for it and signed up.  Paid ATT $3400+ on my credit card with the expectation that I was going to get most if not all of it back from T-Mobile.  I was told when signing up that I would see my rebate in 6-8 weeks.  
  3. On 9/13 I contacted RCS Solution Center (T-Mobile Rebate Center) to process my rebate.  I was told at this time that I would only get $800 per line and only the 3 iPhones qualified for the “bait and switch” program.  Meaning I paid almost $1000 more than I was to get.  The Samsung Fold, I was told was the wrong generation. Had I been asked by the rep who signed me up about which generation I had I would have happily told him. 
  4. I did call and get a supervisor on the phone and they did provide me with what is called an “insider” discount.  This is good for 20% off my bill forever.  Ok,  Great, there was an attempt to make the misinformation correct.  I didn't ask for this, I just wanted what I was told I would receive.  Nothing more.  
  5. I called again on 9/16 once I saw via the web portal that my “bait and switch” rebate had been denied and explained to another supervisor the situation, He was very polite,  He was able to get me a $500 bill credit to offset the majority of the Samsung Fold rebait that I was not going to get.  We spoke with the rebate center and I was assured by “a T-Mobile Expert” that I would be getting a text within in 5-7 days with my “virtual rebate” card.  and that they would keep an eye on my rebate status and call me personally.  
  6. On 9/23 after having gone a week with NO text or call i called again.  By this time I was starting to get frustrated.  I spoke with a supervisor who connected me to a Supervisor in the rebate center.  I was again assured my rebate would be process quickly and within 5-7 days I would see something.  I did tell the rep’s at T-Mobile that once we reached 60 days after activation of my services and that I had not gotten what I was told I would get that I would be going elsewhere.  Meaning on 10/21, If I haven't gotten what I was told via email and voice that I would leave.  
  7. Today, I called again because on the rebate portal I have had 5 different submissions for my rebate (all of which were processed by the rebate center) “DENIED”.  The latest one dated 9/29.  Again I was conferenced into the rebate team and “assured by yet another “T-MOBILE” expert that I would be getting my rebate.  He stated he would personally watch this and call me.  

I haven't asked for anything more than what I was told.  I have been told that I would receive $800 per line for the 3 iPhones, and also been told that I would get the $966 per iPhone due to the rebate max being increased in June.  I have several emails from the RCS center stating different amounts.  

The latest email I received is below. I changed the numbers to iphone 1 - 3 and the submission ID and Tracking number for privacy reasons. 

From: <noreply@salesforce.comOn Behalf Of RC Solutions
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2022 2:59 PM
To: ME
Subject: RE: Keep and Switch [ ref:_00D80ashm._5002E21HCSv:ref ]



Thank you for reaching back to us, we checked and there was a new submission created on the same day please dont worry as we checked that the submission has no error's and it's on a Pending status.

Here's the details for reference.

Submission ID: not displayed

Tracking ID: not displayed
Amount :
iphone 1 - $966.61
iphone 2 - $966.61
iphone 3 - $966.61

Best regards,
T-Mobile Business Care
Edmon G
T-Mobile Business Services Group


This has been a complete nightmare.  I spent 16 years with ATT and left due to bad service.  I didnt think it could have gotten worse.  Boy was I wrong.  I have spent hours upon hours on hold and speaking to many many folks at T-Mobile.  I have come to the conclusion that its highly unlikely that I will be getting any “rebate”.  I hope I am wrong.  I really do think that T-Mobile has a great line up of services for the price and could be my forever home.  I am cautiously optimistic.  I am not her bashing on T-Mobile, I hope I am wrong.  As of today we are 21 days away from the 60 day date.  I did ask the rep today why it took so long for a “virtual” rebate to be provided?  Apparently its a 3rd party who handles this and us being in the 21st century where everything is digital takes longer.  Not sure I get it.  

I think the staff at T-Mobile is amazing,  I think their extra freebies and phone services are great.  I just dont believe anything I have been told short of the insider and credit I did get.  

I would advise before spending large amounts of money out of your own pocket that you get everything in writing.  I started my services with T-Mobile in July with their home internet service.  It worked ok, but not up to the speeds I really need.  So last week I cancelled that.  I was told I would get a shipping label via email.  After several days it never came.  I was told by the rep that I could take it to the store, so I did that… Waited in line for about 45 minutes to be told they couldnt take the modem that I had to return it via UPS.  I called again to finally get a rep who actually processed the cancelation and did get the label within minutes.  Its been a ride let me tell you!!!  There have been other issues… Its reached the point that when I call in, the reps look over the notes and they just cant believe how crazy this has been.  

Attached is the online portal showing the rebates.. .of which all 5 submissions have been denied.

I hope it works out and others dont have to enjoy the same experience.  Fingers Crossed!!!  I do apologize for the bit of “sarcasm”.  Its the only way I can tell this without blowing a gasket.  

Again, I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that this gets sorted out.  I hope I am proved wrong!!!  

The 5 submissions all look like this.  I have yet to get any reimbursements.  Like I said, I did get the bill credit for the fold and the insider discount.  I told the reps that I am happy to give that up in lieu of getting what I was told I would receive.  



I am also having problems getting my keep and switch rebate.  Transferred 2 iphone12 pro max phones from ATT to T-mobile. Paid off the remaining installment balances of about $500 each (&1000 total) to ATT prior to the transfer and submitted receipt and last ATT bill as requested. Checked status of the rebate 3 times and each time was told everything was approved and proceeding normally.  I would be informed soon that my virtual credit card would be available and how to use it… Nothing happened and when I again checked the rebate status it said “Denied”. Last time I was denied and enquirer was told problem was corrected and I was even given a 12 character “tracking code” that I was told assured that my rebate was approved… same result about 2 weeks later. “denied”. I am very angry,  I have wasted countless hours waiting on the phone and following detailed steps repeatedly in the application process. Still no success. T-mobile seems to be trying to literally steal $1000 from me. Considering turning this over to a lawyer and also suing for damages due to frustration and all the time lost when I could have been earning big money in my business.  Very angry and caution anyone else considering switching to T-mobile expecting they will actually follow through on the attractive “keep and switch” rebate. Buyer beware!!!!

That’s all been together and start a small class action lawsuit against them for lying and giving people a hard time. This is ours an hours of peoples time and they are keeping the money they’re not gonna give it to us.

I am going thru the same issue now with T-Mobile paid off $850 to move to them from Att but not realizing it was a fraud and after tons of calls and emails keep saying I am denied ,I sent them 4 pictures and logo and everything they requested then they sending back a email saying they want imei now,I never thought I was going get ripped off so brutally the public needs to know what’s going on this is gonna end up in a class action lawsuit.I already smell it.T-Mobile please stop playing games with customers and send my rebate as promised.

The Rebates department has a completely different set of requirements for the Switch and Keep promotion than the Sales department has. I followed the instructions from their Sales chat which included click-by-click instructions to screenshot the device upgrade page on Verizon’s self service portal. However, the Rebates department requires a final bill, which Verizon doesn’t provide until 1.5 months later and isn’t itemized so even then doesn’t meet their requirements. This essentially makes the program a scam by asking customers for something the service provider doesn’t even provide.


I’ve spent hours trying to solve this. They provide their “personal guarantee” that everything will be fine and not to worry. They’ve had me resubmit my claim 4 times, I’ve spent countless hours on the phone and with text and twitter support, and I still don’t have resolution.


They have two sites for tracking your rebate. On one site the exact same tracking number will show different results. One will show approved, while the other shows denied, but calling shows it’s processing. A complete unorganized mess!


I was excited for my change in service, I felt good about my change in service and I had a positive image of the T-Mobile brand. However, the time and effort I’ve put into trying to get this rebate has completely tarnished my view of their company. I now have an extreme hate for T-Mobile and wish I never made this switch. It’s a shame that what could have been a really positive experience that made me an advocate for their company has ended so poorly because of one department. I still haven’t been reimbursed. 


I think my next route is using Fair Shake, which is a shame because they take 20%.


The uncarrier is just another carrier. 


I’ve spent at least three to four hours on the phone with the T-Mobile rebate department and Northlane, T-Mobiles card service department and still have not received $500 in promotional rebates. 

I’m having the same problem. I tried to submit the rebate online for 4 lines and it said I wasn’t eligible. I called customer service and they submitted the claim for me and gave me a tracking number. The tracker showed I was approved but when I went back to check the next week, the page gave an error saying no promotion found. I called customer service and they said they would send a card in the mail because the website had an issue and didn’t produce a virtual card. Waited 2 weeks nothing happened called back and they never submitted for the card to be sent so they said they had to do it again. I don’t understand what the issue is. I should have stayed with Verizon