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  • 24 October 2022
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I'm leaving T-Mobile for another company after 18 years. I have no equipment to pay off. How do I leave T-Mobile and port info to new company? 

3 replies

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You can port your number then call Tmobile to cancel.

Port 3-5  days before the end of your billing cycle to avoid any charges. If you port after the billing cycle starts you will incur Alan additional month of service since Tmobile doesn't prorate.

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Suggest you print out a copy of your account status before porting out. T-Mobile has been known to send accounts to collection for mysterious reasons after porting out. It’s rare but if it happens you want to have the paper trail on your side. Also, don’t forget to return any “coverage devices” (Cell Spots) T-Mobile may have loaned you. They will be shown on your account. You need to get a RMA and shipping label from T-Mobile for this.

I just left TMo...after 15+ years (before they became TMobile and bought I think SunCom or similar. Why??? They sent me an email they were increasing my monthly bill to $55. Sounds trivial, but nightly I must sit in my home where I stream my TV shows and pretty much every other Commercial is Jason Mamoa twirling and skipping with his 2 buddies about how great TMo WIFI is. I sure bet the 3 of them are not doing those for free. Also, the 2 young gents from Suits are acting as goofy about Magenta coverage...doubt they are acting a fool for free, either. TMo sure has plenty of $$$$$ to pay them to skip and frollick, and pull at each other's shirts...esp when they increase my/our rates $5./monthly. You do the math.

Have you tried calling 611 to SPEAK TO a real live person about a problem lately? No more!! It appears they have shut down their Phillippines Call Centers for an AI Bot. I get the peeps were hard to understand, but I'd still prefer them over any ANNOYING BOTS. I guess TMo is now geared to 20 & 30 somethings who don't mind AI helpers and think those TV commercials are funny?? They can have them. 

As a single TMo customer they have never in the 15+ years given me anything. No special "deals" for peeps who only need one line or stay with them all that time.

So now I take my biz to Consumer Cellular. So far, so good. Same price as my UNLIMITED TMo rate with a $5. credit for also being an AARP member. I bring my own phone, Pixel 8 Pro and keep my phone # I've had x 15+ years. 

Stick a GIANT fork in me....I'M DONE!