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  • 13 December 2022
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This Samsung tablet promotion got me last year. It’s the absolute worst experience I’ve had with this company, who I’ve been a customer with for over 20 years!! I returned the device w/in the window of time given and the transferred me to the “engineer” that scammed me to begin with. He immediately tried to argue that I should keep it. I actually yelled at him to shut up and listen to me. I was only then allowed to return it. I was checking my account today to upgrade my phone, and I’VE BEEN CHARGED $20/MONTH FOR THE LAST YEAR. My fault for not monitoring it, but this is so outrageous. I was just on the chat to ask about this and the last message I got was “transferring you to a live assistant”… crickets. I had to type in “Hey! Can I get some help please!” after 5 minutes. They are now saying, “oh did you ask for the “line” to be suspended?” LIKE IT’S MY FAULT. And, yes I did of course. What a sh!t show.

This happened to me too! They told me I’d get $800 off my Samsung Ultra and that my Samsung watch was free with the trade in. On top of that I was told that because I would be joining my mother’s plan (who gets a discount because of her age) that our total bill would be around $70 per month total. I paid my $400 down and walked out of the store. I went back 2x to try and return my devices and they kept telling me that I’ll lose the promotion if I return them. Now I have to pay to for something I didn’t feel comfortable with, too the point of trying to return them. I specifically mentioned multiple how I wanted to be able to pay off the phone and not have monthly payments. They told me I could pay off the phone completely after 3 months. I get no discount for anything and now I have to stay and pay for 20 months of a contract for both phone and watch phone lines with insurance. I literally cannot afford this. 

Thanks a lot SEABROOK NH.


Im dealing with this right now. Agent offers me a deal to trade in iphone for 800$ credit. I get the new phone, send the old phone. Bill comes in and no credit. Supervisor tells me i had to upgrade my plan to get the promotion...I recorded the phone call, that is not what I was offered or agreed too. Anyway, supervisor gives me 200$ credit to upgrade and now Im supposed to get the 800$ credit over 24 months...wrong. Next month still, no credit. New phone rep says Im not eligible, I had to trade the old phone in at an apple store, not through the mail. Well, there is no way to get the old phone back. Tmobile upgraded my service plan and Im still not getting the 800$ credit over 24 months. Im about to take Tmobile to court or start calling around for a possible class action. Clear violation of the Florida DECEPTIVE AND UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES Act. Im a lawyer myself, have no problem filing suit. Tmobile will spend more money defending than just honoring the original agreement. 

***Record all your phone calls! Get everything in writing!!! Outsourced agents dont know or dont care...just pushing up charges. 


Guaranteed if the customer was making the mistake, our credit report would get hit quick. No consequences for a faceless corporation. Makes me feel stupid for being a customer over 10 years. On the phone now again trying to get this promotional credit. Literally have to spend an hour or two every time I call...waste of time. But that is the tmobile business model, make things so difficult that people just submit and as long as your auto pay is turned on, no one cares. 

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I have been a victim of this scam as well. Had to bbb them and still not fixed. They offered me two free phones and a computer (which sucks btw). If I switched from cricket. I have screen shots of everything.... Talked to the CEO Mike ok he credits me says ok everything is fine we are wrong...  Not the case I keep getting bills for the Chromebook go. I talked to someone yesterday she was telling me that there's nothing I can do. Bull.... I fcc and bbb them yesterday. I tried to return the crappy computer that I i didn't need in the first place and they wouldn't. 


So your telling me you lie to customers? Admit it... Charge what you want. And don't get into trouble. THERE IS NO WAY THIS CAN CONTINUE TO HAPPEN. 


How you going to credit the phones and not the computer..  and say that part wasn't part of the promotion. Thank God I took screen shots of everything and I have a good case going. I'm just going to sue... You aren't touching my credit T-Mobile.

I recently got scammed as well. I switched from Verizon and the T-Mobile employee said I would get free iPhone 14. I was already using my GS22 so did not need the iPhone. But since free I took it anyway. Then I notice I am getting billed for it. talk to people on line and they assure me it will be corrected in next billing cycle. Go back to store and they assure me everything is fine. Second billing cycle charged again. This time they say there is no record of the promotion and they are not responsible for employee claims.I got stuck with the iPhone . Very bad business practices. get everything documented when dealing with these crooks !


Reading all of these above makes me even more angrier. I switched to T mobile back in June and was brought in of course like a car buyer. I was promised this virtual Mastercard that I would receive in 4 weeks. It’s now been 12 weeks with nothing. This was a scam from the beginning, I have my AT&T bill to pay still that I cancelled for t mobile due to having sucker written my face. I have been told since then 3 different time frames 4 weeks 6-8 weeks and now 13 weeks. Every time I call and speak with someone I cannot understand their language barrier and they repeat themselves over and over again. I am so sorry when u get your card we will help set it up. Blah blah blah!!!! This is a scam run while u can.

I had the exact same situation with T-Mobile!!! I went into the store was told they would take my old IPhone and give me a new one for free on a monthly credit and it would take 3 months to get the first credit……….. this never happened and when I called and complained a low IQ savage ( You Latisha) had the nerve to yell at me, not let me speak and tell me T-Mobile is not responsible for employees that lie and will not honor what I was promised, I am just another customer who says they were promised something with no proof have a nice day. So I am waiting for the store to open and let’s just say the employees who made me the promise will now have a life changing day today. This is a known scam and the employees have no consequences for lies and are essentially being rewarded with commissions for these lies and T-Mobile is fine with it because they profit off of the lies. They stole my phone telling me 90 days for the credit to show but apparently after 14 days you can’t get your phone back which is long before you find out you had been lied to…… T-Mobile you are an disgraceful establishment and it’s disgusting you allow your employees to lie to customers and yell at them and treat them like garbage when they inform you of the lies. I will  promise you this will cost you and those store employees a lot more than this will cost me. 

I had the same problem.     Being lied to about getting free iPhone with trade in 

Make sure you get everything in writing because they lie about promotion. Tell you promotion hasn’t kicked in yet when you question them after getting first bill.   Then it’s to late to get your phone back after 14 days 

Absolutely lies to about promotion!

Similar thing happened to me a few months back, I got emails and was told I could upgrade to the new pixel and get a free pixel 2. Watch. Watch was $400 I just had to pay sales tax on watch and new phone that day then the watch would be paid for and off I go. Come to find out I got no credit at all for the watch and ended up being charged crazy amounts. But this has happens to so many people I know personally after talking to them. It truly amazes me that there is nothing that can be done done and the sales teams can continue to lie to customers and it's not a big deal. Completely acceptable these days. It's all suck a hassle the we even stay with the stupid company cause we all know the next will do the same thing. We all need to start standing together and not allowing companies to do this to us. Nothing changes until we all actually force change. 

TMobile is such a disappointment. Don't they understand Customer Service and being truthful with Customers is how they will grow! Instead, they appear b to have the attitude that they can mistreat customers. Well, let's see how that works out for TMobile. I am just so disgusted with an experience I just had on 12/19/2023. We will see how it works out; and, if they fix what they did incorrectly. Lots of misinformation; and, what seems like del8berately misleading customers; and, potential customers.

I thought TMobile held itself to a higher standard!💥

On October 2 I applied and was approved for a T-Mobile account. I was told that I could keep my number AND I qualified for an iPhone 13 “on us”. I have called every time my bill came in and I was being charged for the iPhone. Spoke with 2 supervisors and both said that they had “fixed “ the issue and I would not be charged for the phone. The last time I spoke to a supervisor on Dec 19 she assured me that my bill would reflect the change in a day or two. Then she talked me into an Apple Watch, also free. Today my bill is due and it’s way more than I was told it would be. I called again and was told “I’m sorry, but they lied to you and there’s nothing we can do about it “. I was lied to multiple times and now I’m stuck in a 2 year contract with an iPhone that I’m paying for and I have to just accept that I was lied to. Unbelievable. I will never tell anyone to trust this company. I can’t wait for 21 months to go by so I can change to an honest company. AT&T never lied to me. Verizon never lied to me. Don’t trust this company!!!!

On December 4, 2022, I went to my local T-mobile store looking for promotion deals to see if I could get a trade-in upgrade for my wife’s phone.  After talking to one of the employees about their current deals, they employee promised me that if I switch from my current plan Magenta to Magenta MAX that I would get a $800 trade-in credit towards an Iphone 14.  I told her it is a great deal and was baited into switching my phone plan. She made the switch official that day (Dec 4, 2022) and told me to come back on December 6, 2022 to make the trade-in because the plan swap would not be effective until then.  When I arrived 2 days later on the 6th, I was told that there were no such deal by another employee and the current plan they currently offer is a $400 trade-in credit. 


Long story short, I end up reverting my plan back to Magenta and was charged for the Magenta MAX plan although I only had it for 2 days.  Next time before making a switch, I would ask for a written contract. This is absolutely unacceptance and no one should be charged $40 more due to incompetent employees/false promotions.


I can't speak for preexisting members but as a new customer as of Dec 24 2023. To sum it up best,

If you have no, low, or bad credit score - then those promotions. Those deals. And all intending offers?


Not for you.


Regardless if you met the conditions for the offer(s) you will not receive it. Automatically excluded from all of them.


The extra I had to pay up front? Returned in creditsM


 No, thank you. I did not use a form of currency that only has value to me. Therefore, my refund is to be given back to me the same: currency that has universal value. Gift cards are not acceptable either.



^ they didn't line that. Also didn't like it when I told them, "since this company dislikes people with low creditn scores then why not tell me to come back when my score was better?"


Because there isn't a difference between the two. Discrimination for any reason is the same no matter the situation. In this case, new customers whose scores fall below t movies acceptable score number, those pretty sweet deals- Not. For. You.

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I switched from Verizon to T Mobile a few months ago. The promotion was trade in your phone for a free phone.  We got the free phone and also switched our internet from  comcast.  I am so angry that we were scammed by TMobile!! Me and my husband were both in the store and remember what the guy told us. We went to TMobile in Hackettstown and found out what promotions were going on. Left and came back the next day and made the switch. We both know now THEY LIED TO US!! WHAT A SCAM. I AM BEING BILLED MONTHLY FOR THE FREE PHONE!!!    PEOPLE NEED TO BE INFORMED!! THIS IS NOT FAIR!!  I AM FURIOUS!! TMOBILE SHAME ON YOU &YOUR STORE EMPLOYEES!!! A BUNCH OF THIEVES!! 



One sales person called me multiple times. He promised $200 gift card along with keep and switch offer combined for two lines added under my account. After few weeks $200 gift card is denied for both the lines with the reason keep and switch cannot be combined with this offer promised. I would have added lines via Costco membership. I fell for this fake promise by T-Mobile sales agent.

I can’t believe I got scammed as well by this company. I recently switched over from Verizon after 20 plus years. What a mistake!!! Signed on my 5 lines with a promotion over the holidays. They offered $830 toward new iPhone 15 pro. I just checked my promotion credits for all my lines. They subtracted my trade in value of my phone off of the $830 promotion. The store made it seem that I was getting a new phone for nothing because I was led to believe I would receive $830 plus my $255 trade in. How does it make sense to deduct a trade in. 
That’s like trading in a car and them adding the value of it to your overall costs. Makes no sense. Can someone please tell me how this is not a scam. 

I got scammed by TMobile. Transferred over 2 lines from ATT to TMobile at the Costco kiosk booth. They promised a $200 Visa Card and a $250 Costco card per line. 3 months later I'm wondering where my cards are and when I called they said we denied it because you're not on the right plan. You can upgrade for $20/line per month and we'll send you the cards.

What do I do to get the promo cards? Will Costco honor the promo? 

IT IS A LIE! if is not in the written paperwork, it is not true.


PROMOTIONS to close the sale, and then sorry it does not apply! 

happened to me! went to Boynton Beach store on Hypoluxo and got my free phone. She gave me promotions and my bill was going to be incredible! I was happy. That night I signed up for the visa card and the promotion. The I was informed I did not qualify. I dialed 611 and they assured me that it was an error and they had corrected it my home internet would go down to $40.00 from $55.00.

When I got my bill more than 14 days later I see that nothing was true. She even raised my home internet to $65.00. Customer service kept supporting the lies till today I was told even the phone is not covered in the benefits. Who is stealing here? I will give you a free phone but it is not in writing…. NO PROMOTION IS IN WRITTING BEWARE! I am tuning off and if I need to pay the phone so be it! LIARS


I went through a similar issue. I created a post about it. 
Back in September of 2023, TMO had a promotion called GO5G. I called them on September 19th to proceed with the upgrade so I could get the $830 off the iPhone 15. The phone agent (from India) never mentioned anything to me that the promotion expired on the 14th and allowed me to proceed with the upgrade. I spent two hours on the phone upgrading all 5 lines on my account and paid $30 for each line plus the taxes on the phones. After checking my account, I saw that it showed the old plan, and that’s when I started reaching out to them, no one cared to call me to let me know (not a surprise there) and now, because of an employee mistake, I am stuck paying full price on all the phones when I traded perfectly good phones that were paid in full, mind you on their website, the promo was still showing so all they did after months of reaching out (chat and phone, agents saying they will see it through but never called me back), all they could do is offer me a one time credit of $109, and nothing else can be done. I have been with Tmobile for 21 years and 5 months. DO BETTER FOR YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS!

I am tired of fighting. Accidently ordered a second home internet for only $45.00 month when I was trying to even find a home internet plan for $65.00. I canceled home internet and sending both devices back. 

One agent downgraded my plan as the agent that sold me the not free phone told me I had to be on GO5G Next 55+ $85.00 for 1 phone. I never saw that price before when I did my due diligence. She said that I would get 20% off my bill so that made it a great deal SOLD

She must have received some bonus or awarded for my deal that she needed to tell me so many untruths. 

T-mobile after lots of conversations has reduced the bill. Changed the voice plan to the next lover tier. I got my Visa gift card. (only touse at tmobile) I have made 3 phone payments and see that it is now saying no need to make payments with these funds they are included.. let see I am waiting for bill 2. Do I pay the phone and go away…. to be continued. 🤓

I was baited to add a line and get a free phone via monthly bill credits and I was given the credits for two months and now they are billing me the full monthly price of the phone pretending they don't know what I'm talking about when asking about the credits. Only when I told them that if they don't honor their promotion I will go to Verizon now their tone changed to "we'll look into it ". 12 year customer here very disappointing at the scammers they have become

Dealing with the same thing right now. I’m being told the employee who gave me my credit “overlooked” the fact that I didn’t port in a number, and she swears that was part of the promotion, which it wasn’t. She was the supervisor of the first person I talked to this morning, and she was very condescending while treating me like I was an incompetent 5 year old. She basically has told me they won’t do anything for me since “I never qualified for the promotion in the first place,” and she made it very clear she didn’t care if I pulled all 7 of my lines and took them elsewhere. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she tried telling me she didn’t have one. I let her know I’m not an idiot and she’s not the CEO of T-Mobile, therefore she has a supervisor. Suddenly she had some people above her that she could reach out to and see if they were available. After several minutes she came back and said she forwarded my information to her supervisor and she would be reaching out to me if she had time later today. She said they were able to briefly go over the issues and offer me a one time $100 bill credit. Needless to say, I will be pulling everything from T-Mobile the first chance I get.