Linking T-Mobile account with Mint

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Please add a Mint integration feature.

why only T mobile is not listed on mint? it's so stupid having all your accounts and the only one that cant be there is t mobile, so now basically it's messing up your whole money tracker making it inaccurate 

The only reason why I’m not putting more money into my T-Mobile Money checking account is because I can’t connect it with Mint. Add Mint support if you want more people to use it!

Please stop blocking Mint

+1 MINT is a must! Please listen to your customers, many will not use tmobile money without Mint or Personal Finance integration

After the first response from tmo_mike_c, we haven’t seen any responses from anyone else on the T-Mobile side. I went ahead and submitted some feedback from the T-Mobile Money phone app More > Support > New Secure Message > Category > Perks: Other and received a response in less than 24 hours.

So, if we want our voices to be heard, this is another option to get submit our feedback.



Please allow T-Mobile Money to integrate with Mint!

This is the main thing that's keeping me from using this account for most of my expenses since I use Mint for budgeting :(

It would appear that t-mobile has actively taken steps to block mint from connecting to our accounts. Please add back support. There are lots of great examples of other companies that have blocked third party access to accounts that changed their minds after customers started to push back.

I would like to be able to keep track of my money put into T-mobile money trough the Mint app where i keep track of all my other accounts.

Yes, please add support for t-mobile money to Mint and other services. Every other bank I work with does this.

Please allow connection with Mint.

bump. What’s the status of this, T-Mobile?

Bump- can you give an ETA of when this will be fixed?

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T-Mobile is missing out on a huge market of people from using this as their main account by not allowing this. I have had accounts at over 20 different financial institutions and T-Mobile is the only one that hasn’t integrated with Mint. For that reason I do not use this account beyond parking my savings there to get the 4% interest.

what is the status on this? Mint has been around for years...t-money should make this a priority integration!

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Hey everyone. I don’t have a status as to if/when T-Mobile Money and Mint will have the ability to be connected. I’m sure there will be some communications and update on our T-Mobile Money content if that’ll be available. I’ll reach out to my internal team about this too. Thanks for the feedback on this everyone.

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This has been pending for very long ! I’m afraid should select this as direct pay !