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  • 30 January 2019
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Thanks for your help.  TMO does not know what I'm talking about.  I even screenshotted this thread and they are only giving me options to suspend service or unlock my phone to use with a local GSM provider.  I'm wondering if this exception is still a thing.

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if you are already on the Magenta Military or Magenta Military Max plan they should be able to figure it out. call in agents are pretty hit and miss..theyre tier 1 support..the FB/Twitter route lands you with tier 2 support starting off.

May I receive the email. I am currently in qatar and have orders to show. I yes I am in the military.

Hello. I am currently deployed to Qatar. Can you please also send me the email instructions. Thank you 

I am being deployed to Kuwait as well and need the info sent please. Thank you

I've just arrived to South Korea, I have not received the warning message yet but I don't want my phone to be turned off, how do I get the overseas exemption?

I just received the same type of message about line suspension. Pls help! My son is on active deployment for the next 6 months. I checked into all of this before he left and was misinformed by the tmobile rep I spoke with. His phone is his only way of staying connected to his family. This is just a total shock and we checked into all this stuff before he left.

I am in Kuwait with orders and need to submit them 

Hello. Is this chat still monitored? I'll be going to Germany and could use this exemption as well.

I am overseas on active duty orders for the army and I was told that I had unlimited data under a military plan but that doesn’t look like it’s the case do yall suggest any coarse of action

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no you will need to contact TMO either by call in or through one of their social media platforms to get this handled

I am pcsing to germany for 3 years can I get the exemption form email so I can submit my orders for me and my family. 

I am being deployed to Kuwait on Aug 1 and could you sent me the exception for roaming charges while I am deployed. Please and Thank You 

I am deploying in a week. Please send me the information too.