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  • 30 January 2019
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I am serving in Kuwait with a T4B T-Mobile One Military 2+ plan. I recently recieved a msg from T-Mobile stating that if I have any more roaming, they will shut off my data?  Why would have I got this msg. I thought I was good to go with a military plan.


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27 replies

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no you will need to contact TMO either by call in or through one of their social media platforms to get this handled

Hello. Is this chat still monitored? I'll be going to Germany and could use this exemption as well.

I am in Kuwait with orders and need to submit them 

May I receive the email. I am currently in qatar and have orders to show. I yes I am in the military.

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if you are already on the Magenta Military or Magenta Military Max plan they should be able to figure it out. call in agents are pretty hit and miss..theyre tier 1 support..the FB/Twitter route lands you with tier 2 support starting off.

Thanks for your help.  TMO does not know what I'm talking about.  I even screenshotted this thread and they are only giving me options to suspend service or unlock my phone to use with a local GSM provider.  I'm wondering if this exception is still a thing.

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you will need to contact TMO to get this taken care of..since you are already there you might try contacting them through either Facebook or Twitter.


the site here is primarily peer to peer with a small handful of TMO moderators to keep things in order...they do not have account access.

I received an excessive roaming notice as well and would like to know where to request a military exception?


I am pcsing to germany for 3 years can I get the exemption form email so I can submit my orders for me and my family. 

I've just arrived to South Korea, I have not received the warning message yet but I don't want my phone to be turned off, how do I get the overseas exemption?

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“There are always multiple modalities for depelting a feline. “

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I traveled on military orders for 30 years and only had an issue calling home when I was onboard ships. Everywhere I went there were banks of phones for service members to use, cheap calling cards and local agents selling prepaid mobile service. US military were about the only non-resident foreigners allowed to buy prepaid phones in Japan. I think it’s great that T-Mobile will waive roaming limits for deployed military but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they didn’t. There are always multiple modalities for depelting a feline. 

I talked to someone at t-mobile and they also mentioned this exemption for International roaming for military overseas. I’m not sure if I have the right email address to send the documentation to. Can someone send me that email address?

I just received the same type of message about line suspension. Pls help! My son is on active deployment for the next 6 months. I checked into all of this before he left and was misinformed by the tmobile rep I spoke with. His phone is his only way of staying connected to his family. This is just a total shock and we checked into all this stuff before he left.

Same here, where should I send orders?

I am deploying in a week. Please send me the information too.

I need the e-mail address too, please send my way and I will send in my orders.


i also need that information. I will be deploying in feb to kuwait.  Can tmobile message me what i need to do for my cell phone to work.

Good morning Amanda,

I also have your Military plan and I am being deployed to Kuwait next week.  Please let me know how to submit my orders.

Thank you for your help and Happy Holidays!

Could I please have the correct email address to email my military orders?

I'm in South Korea now and I don't want my phone to be turned off!  Thanks

I got this text: "The majority of the last two months of T-Mobile usage on line [phone number] has been roaming internationally.  If this line continues to roam extensively abroad over the next month, the use will violate our terms and conditions, and your roaming usage will be blocked on August 27 2019."

I know I am a little late to the party, but could you send me a message too?

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Perfect! I sent a PM your way!

Yes, I am. Thank you for your help.

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Absolutely, @candler33w​! Are you traveling over there on active duty orders? If so, I'll send a private message your way. 😊  

Can you also send me the instructions for getting exemptions on international roaming limits or device unlock. I am going to South Korea for a year. I would prefer to just take my phone with my T-Mobile service with me but I will settle for a device unlock and line suspension if I have to. My phone is not currently paid off but I know an exemption is available.