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  • 1 September 2017
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When I switched to Magenta, I made sure to come in AFTER the 16th of the month.

I figured, then my pay date would be the same as vomit yellow, and my budget won't change...

Turns out, TMo now has my due date on or near the 13th... 

How can I get my Due date moved a few days later, say 16-20th?


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3 replies

I’m being assessed an additional  $20.97 on my monthly bill which is a flat $50.00 for the past 10 plus years, never late, first time I ever requested a payment due date change.  I relocated to Honolulu, Hi. and changed my banking institution to accomodate my fixed income payment date.  I visited a local office here in Honolulu and was told that there shouldn’t be a charge to change due date which was paid $50.00 on 6/18/20 by my new bank.  So by their explanation the $20.97 represents a prorated billing amount for June 2020 but your email statements states $20.97 will be deducted today 7/16 and if not, a total of $70.97 will be due 8/3/20.  Obviously there seems to be no “proration adjustment”  in any of your email payment notifications.  I refuse to be assessed an additional $20.97 to change my due date.     Stan Nakama  7/16/20

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We would love to see what options are available to accommodate you. As @gramps28 mentioned, there are some requirements that would need to be met first. Did you already get a chance to contact us?

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Change your bill date

You need to meet the following qualifications to change your bill due date:

  • You haven't previously changed your bill due date.
  • The proposed date is more than 10 days from the current due date.

If you meet these qualifications and want to proceed with the change, contact us.

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