Not able to cancel t-mobile home internet nor turn in router anywhere.

  • 14 July 2022
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I just got a ride to local t-mobile store to turn in my t-mobile home internet gateway and cancel my account. they refused to take the gateway and said they do not do this kind of thing. only what they sell in the store.  told me to call 611 and have them send me a ups label to send it back to them.

So i called 611 they can not cancel my account nor send me a ups label to send my gateway back. But i have to take it to the local retail store to cancel my account and turn it in.

what kind of circular logic is this? both are refusing to cancel my service and take the gateway. now i’m stuck with a gateway and no way to terminate my account which i’m sure they’ll keep billing till end of eternity.

 And my account for home internet, sounds like from the many csr’s i’ve talked to is horribly messed up. no changes can be made to it either by me or them. And the home internet is a separate account from my t-mobile phone account which is making this much worse and confusing to the csr’s.

I’ve tried to be very patient with the csr’s and retail store, but enough is enough. someone needs to step up and fix this. i’ve tried several csr’s they sound confused on what to do. no email or chat really hurts.

someone needs to figure something out. hate to have to put a block payment to t-mobile on my bank account due to unending billing.

7 replies

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611 is for cell phone support. Home internet phone support is 844-275-9310. That’s the number I used to get a replacement router and a prepaid label to return the old one.

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hate to have to put a block payment to t-mobile on my bank account due to unending billing.


Be careful how you end your payments to T-Mobile yourself.


T-Mobile has a history of sending delinquent accounts to collections, which can affect your credit score negatively.


Question,   Can you not cancel the service online? then you can have a record via cut and paste at least.   I would think!

I am having same issue here. I made the mistake of leaving my equipment at a local store for the manager to return. Two weeks later and they do not have a record of the return. I need a number for a manager. 

I'm having the same issue. I want to return it bit nobody will take it. Now my bill is 900 and I can't pay it. So angry. I was told so many times I could just drop it off and everyone keeps turning me away 

Same issue with ridiculous fees. CSR says after paying current bill for next billing cycle and any past due fees.... I can request cancelation. 

Surprising I was in a store in Florida and I saw a lady bring her modem back in and it took about 30m  , I was there to buy a phone, I wanted to ask her why, because I just got a T-Mobile modem 4 days before, but it looks like she could not speak English. I did not see any issues with the return.


How is my service working?   10 days now and two outages.  I only called once and they said it was congestion, but I reminded him congestion is not a 2000ms ping and zero download is an outage, He did agree and took my connection down and I restarted my modem, and all is well, the second outage is unknown because I was leaving the house and did not call.

He did say even during congestion I should get 33m per their practice.