Not Receiving calls and delayed text messages

  • 15 March 2018
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Hi all, trying to find a resoultion to this issue that's been happening for the past 5 months. My phone is an unlocked HTC u11.

Randomly I will not receive calls when I have full bars. It doesn't show up as a missed call or anything. The person will message me on another messenger and when I call them back I usually get a bunch of text messages time-stamped from the past hour that I have also missed.

I will also randomly receive voicemails with no missed calls indicating that again, I've missed a call but it does not show up in my notifications .

I've tried all the resetting everything on my phone, I've disabled wifi calling and volte but the problem persists. Has anyone experienced this and had it fixed?


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Happens to me constantly. So far, all advice from TMobile Support has just wasted my time.

Same issue here in San Diego.  Android phone also.  Wonder if iPhone's (with iMessage) would fare better?

The disappearing call thing is bizarre, though...rings on the calling phone, but the called phone is doing nothing.

TM is acting like they never heard of this, but I'm guessing the problem is much more common than they want to admit.

Same problem here. I was in the middle of planning something today and thought the person was ignoring me and got in a fight. then 5 hours later get 5 texts from the person to find out they were replying the whole time and were also trying to call me - i never got a missed call or even a notification about a missed call.  Then I recalled over the last month this has been happening..

This is alarming and shocking that such a big issue is not only unresolved but also experienced by many others. #t-mobile Please resolve ASAP or i am jumping ship to a new carrier very soon.

you aren't the only one, I have the same issues that started recently both at home and while at work.  Resetting the phone tonight and will try and roll back to a previous build if I need to.

Phone is Huawei Honor 6X BLN-L24

I recently started having this exact problem. I thought It could be a problem with my phone, so I have tried: restarting, power off & restart, and default factory reset. And I continue to have this exact problem. Can someone please help? 

Same issue here across our 4 T Mobile lines as well as my kids 4 line plan and various friends on T-Mobile.  Phones vary from LG G6, Samsung Galaxy J , Huawei 7 as well as BLU Life One X2, Alcatel Idol and BLU Vivo XL3.

Phones suddenly show voicemails without a missed call notification. Text message disappear into nowhere or show up days later.  Callers say that they got ringing up to 6 times before it goes to voicmail and the physical phone never rang!

Worked with a local TM store and they changed out Sim cards on my 2 phones without any effect.  We can sit next to one another testing texting and my messages ago thru and hers disappear or the other way around.

This is not isolated to a phone, as so may people we deal with have this issue.  As far as I can tell, it started in January 2018 here in the Orlando FL area and has been getting worse.


, we did factory reset phones, rebooted and are using stock dailers.  So frustrated, investigating other carrier!

Having same issues on San Antonio, TX on an LG g6. Resetting and rebooting does nothing. Wonder if this has to do with the lawsuit they lost in the Midwest for fake rings sounds for calls that never went through  Perhaps the network isn't nearly as large and reliable as they claim. Getting really pissed off here.

I don't think it is Puffie's phone, IMHO there is some problems with the TMO network, possibly introduced with the recent upgrades. All the same problems others are reporting, starting in the past few months. Seems completely random. May have something to do with where the caller is on the network.

In Houston 77096. Using an Honor 6x which I got last summer along with a new TMO sim for my number that's been on the network for years. It does 4g.

Yesterday's typical example of what has been going on for a month or two:

Got several texts from my daughter in New Orleans 350mi away in the early morning with no apparent problem. Called the wife in the Texas Medical Center 8-10 miles away.mid-morning. Later got a call from someone. All normal. In the afternoon, wife texted me while leaving work about 3pm. Nothing on my phone. When she got home, she said she had also tried to call on the way home but they had gone to voicemail. She usually complains that during similar calls, she gets a voice message that I am out of the TMO calling area even though I am sitting in my usual spot.

When she got home, I checked my voicemail and found that someone had left a voicemail even though my phone didn't ring and the phone's call log shows no calls. I called the person back and he said he had called within the previous hour which would have been 2-3pm.

After the wife got home, the text messages she had sent while leaving work finally arrived about a half hour late.

I checked her usage on the TMO site and it didn't show the outgoing calls she said she made.

A typical afternoon on TMO.

Just wanted to revise my previous post a little in case it helps with troubleshooting. Just checked the wife's calls using the TMO account website:

The two calls she says she made to me and I never received do appear on her call log there. They do not appear on mine.

The text message I received from her at about 3pm does not show up in her usage log.

The call from a 3rd party that resulted in a voicemail to me does not appear in my usage log, even though I have the voicemail.

I am experiencing the same issue. I was expecting a technician from 9 AM and 10 AM. I have been staring at the phone for the entire hour pretty much, since I was aware of how some phonecalls are not received at all. I didn't see anything on my phone by like 9:50 AM and decided to make a call to the technician. Then, my phone all of a sudden showed a few missed calls and voicemails. I am using the unlimited prepaid plan($50/month). Is this happening because t-mobile gives low priority for the prepaid plans?

i have the same problem for about 2-3 months now.  I have called them twice so far.  Once when i called they said their tower updates was not updated on my number in our family plan.  that didn't fix the problem.  The second time i called them starting over to the explain the problem, which ended useless wasting my time.  Has anyone received any response back to any of these forum users from Tmobile tech support?

Now after seeing this thread seriously thinking of changing to a different network.  

I've been having this issue too, since at least February 2018 when I missed a bunch of urgent calls and texts from multiple family members. Since then, it's been happening randomly -- sometimes texts are received immediately and sometimes it's a delay of anywhere from 5 min to over an hour. Multiple contacts (people in my phone, random callers, 2-factor authentication bots) and multiple locations (home, work, coffee shops, restaurants, inside, outside); there's no discernible pattern. Sometimes the phone doesn't ring either and no missed call in the log; I just get a voicemail notification and then come to find out I have, like, 10 or 15 voicemail. No idea how many business-related calls I'm missing from people who don't leave a voicemail. I'm in a large city and my phone shows good reception but is seems to disconnect from the network periodically. Tried clearing the cache and restarting the phone as recommended by T-mobile, no help.

It's not happening with other family members on my plan (one of whom had the exact same phone as me until last month), and I'm not aware of it happening to friends on Tmobile/other networks, so I thought it was just my phone until I found this and other threads complaining about this issue and T-mobile's lack of response. I've been a T-mobile customer since 2008 but I'm thinking of leaving because of this.

My Husband and I have been having the exact same problem. It started a few months ago randomly here and there with our Samsung phones. We recently got new Huawei phones and the problem seems to have intensified recently. And we are both missing extremely important phone calls and texts message between each other and with other people on other networks. It's extremely frustrating. With our upcoming move and our family being separated for several weeks we would hate to miss interactions with each other and our kids. Not to mention important phone calls for appointments and moving companies.

There is a lot of online discussion about this same problem.  We have 3 phones w/T-Mobile service and we are all 3 having the same exact problem.  One phone is a T-Mobile and the other 2 are not.  Sometimes a call will ring thru, but it has gotten to be most of the calls don't.  We are testing using the 3 calls from different locations and it happens everywhere we go.

I’m on a family plan with my parents. Many of our contacts are shared between us, like my siblings and other family members. Today my mom asked me if I called her at a certain time but I didn’t. Her phone said I called her. I noticed three missed calls from my sister. I asked my sister and she said she didn’t call me. I want to know when I’m getting a call and when I missed one. I don’t need to know if my parents are getting calls or missing them on their phones. 

My wife and I had the same problems (incoming calls went straight to voicemail and delay receiving text messages) for a while. We went to T-Mobile store and had SIM cards replaced, but the problems were not resolved. Out of frustration, I switched from 4G LTE to 2G for both our phones, we have been able to receive calls without any problem and text message delay without delay for more than two weeks now. Personally, I think that all the subject problems are related to T-Mobile 4G LTE itself. T-Mobile may have introduced bugs into its 4G LTE during the latest update by accident (?).

Not sure when t-mobil will fix this. Lately customer service told me to delete old messages to make room for new(never received) messages, DIDN'T WORK.

Will they take action when people loose important calls from loved ones, calls from work or a doctor missing calls from patients, a businessman never receiving calls from customers?

Wondering if t-mobil will reimburse people who lose patients/business because of issues with their network or when t-mobil starts getting sued in such cases?

Seriously thinking about emailing the CEO, found his email on twitter(link below), hoping the address is correct and he gets the email. Maybe others should email him too.

John Legere on Twitter: "Email me… "

Definitely still an issue.  I had this constantly on my OnePlus 8T (bought from T-Mobile) and after two SIM card changes (i.e. tried 3 different SIM cards on the phone), T Mobile checking the towers (whatever that means - all looked good on their end) and even doing a warranty replacement (T-Mobile charged me $20), I finally got fed up and decided to cut my losses (still have over a year left on EIP).  I bought a Pixel 6 from T-Mobile and, earlier today, someone called me and the phone call only came through on the Digits app on another line but did not come through on my Pixel 6.  I tried to call back on my Pixel 6 and the call would not go through (I had Wifi Calling enabled).  I had to toggle Airplane Mode on and off to reconnect to the network and place the call.  Very frustrating.

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This kind of issue happens across all carriers. The reasons for which can vary and would  require someone with the tools necessary to look at things for you. So basically I would call or message the team force team and explain the issue to them. I would also pay close attention to when this happens so that maybe a pattern can be formed. For example, delayed texts only occur when messengering person X from Verizon. Or maybe delayed messages only occur while messaging iPhone users.

You can reach T-force by dialing 611 on your phone or over social media like Facebook/Twitter.

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I appreciate all the testing you've done and I wish it was resolved. I'm not 100% familiar with this phone, but do you have the option to change the band to 2G, 3G, or 4G to see if messages and calls work a little better? It can be kinda tricky getting something like this resolved but this is another good test to see if it's related to a certain frequency.

Mike, yes there are settings in the Galaxy S7 to switch my phone to 3G or 2G.  I will test under these bands tomorrow and report back.

FYI, someone from DriveMode support has reached out to me with an initial set of questions and suggestions. His suggestions didn't help, but I provided a more detailed description of the issue, which fortunately is consistently repeatable. Waiting to hear back from him, which I assume will not be until after the weekend. I'll let you know if we make any progress determining what the issue is.

It really surprises me there isn't more online discussion to be found regarding this problem...  it's like I'm the only one having this issue, but it's hard for me to believe that's the case.

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Hey, @puffie300​!

I'm just swinging by to see if you've had a chance to look over the replies from @dragon1562 or @tmo_mike_c​. We want to try to figure out what's going on with your HTC u11 and why you're missing calls and texts. Please get back to us when you can. 😊

@tmo_mike_c I tried changing the band to none LTE and the problem persists. Im going to call the support team on the weekend when I have another phone to call from. I'll report back with more information after that .

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Thanks for the update, @puffie300​! We look forward to your update after using a different phone over the weekend.

@bruble73, have you noticed any improvement after rolling back to the previous build?

Just got off the phone with tech team and they don't have a solution. I've had this problem for three months now. Turning off/on airplane mode every couple of hours is not a solution. Anyone with a solution??

Can someone confirm that switching to another network solved this issue? Just want to be sure this is not a phone hardware/software issue.