On Us with AirPods promotion & rebates

  • 16 December 2021
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We just upgraded our 4 iPhones with the On Us with Apple AirPods promotion with rebates. We are already regretting it.

First the promotion credits to your account are spread over 30 months. That’s 30 months that you are now locked into T-Mobile.

Second the promotion / rebate site DOES NOT WORK. When I contacted T-Mobile they sounded surprised that I was having an issue. Search the forums and you will see that this has been an issue for a lot of customers.

This is a bait and switch tactic. I regret upgrading with T-Mobile. We should have just moved to Verizon.

Since T-Mobile customer service monitors this forum, I want the rebates for the AirPods and iPhone trade ins taken care of immediately or I will report this to the BBB. This is clearly a known issue that T-Mobile has failed to address.

27 replies

I just had 3 of my 4 airpods denied.  I spent literally dozens of hours in getting my refunds for my trade ins.  Now i have to fight for another $390.  Switching from Sprint to TMobile was such a horrible mistake.

I upgraded 5 lines on the iPhone 13 promotion. WHAT A NIGHTMARE WITH THE BILLING. That was November 2021 and here it is March 2022 and I still haven’t had a correct/normal bill yet. They messed up the promotions they applied. Had to redo someone them, the whole AirPods disaster trying to get the rebate to work and it never did so they are getting their $11 a month and I get no rebate because after 30days that’s it, no more rebate. One of the 5 phones they sent was used already, had scratches all over it and when we botted it up, it already had someone else’s account on it. So we had to send it back for a new one. You think they could have just done an exchange so nothing would get messed up…? HELL NO, they made me completely cancel the whole thing (because of their screw up) which had to then put money back on my credit card, remove the phone and billing from my account, and the payment they already charged for one month. Then redid the whole thing, but instead of the promotion plan I originally signed up for evidently the time period for that promotion was over so without even telling me they redid everything on a new promotion worth $200 less than the previous plan. And they had the AUDACITY to say when I returned the first phone that it was categorized as BUYERS REMORSE! ! ! AND for all that headache and getting the whole order screwed up and evidently not entered correctly they charged my a representative service fee of $30 per phone, P E R   P H O N E ! ! ! 

In January I changed my credit card on file on my account. Apparently that disabled my auto pay. They never told me and I only found out because when I went to check my bill it was double and over due. They didn’t even text me or anything when the auto pay didn’t go through. They are constantly texting me for this or that and couldn’t bother to tell me my last bill didn’t get paid. AND on top of that because the auto pay didn’t work, all the auto pay discounts were removed so they had to go back track all of that on my account. Just a horrid nightmare. I have had T-Mobile for 3 years and NEVER had a single hiccup. My bill has never varied from day one until now. I WILL NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PROMTION FROM THEN AGAIN!

Did I forget to mention also that about two weeks ago I did get a text message saying Thanks for signing for Protect360 on your five lines. What! I never asked for it, or had even heard of it before, let alone authorized it. I jumped on line and spent over a half an hour with the rep who kept changing his story over and over. First it was definitely me that did it, the system said so; then, oh wait I don’t see any order for it; then oh we signed up up for it because today was the last day and if you didn’t sign-up today you would not be able to later and we didn’t want you to miss out. All the while interjecting in every other paragraph what a great deal it was and how they will replace any broken phones etc, over and over to try and get me to keep it. (You have to pay $500 deductible per claim by the way so it doesn’t pay crap!) I have the entire exchange copied and stored. I was soooo ready to call a lawyer and try to start a class-action lawsuit. NO WAY IN HELL, I am the only one they did this too.