RECEIVing texts for digits

  • 25 December 2019
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This info was helpful as the T-mobile phone support rep confirmed the same findings after speaking with their DIGITS tech. 

Honestly, I don’t prefer to expose my SIM phone number to vendors (banks, credit cards, target, etc) due to not knowing who would be selling my mobile number to 3rd parties for solicitation/scam calls.  That said, i would still like to utilize functions that require short codes verification on their app. So it would be great to use DIGITS for that purpose (where can turn off the DIGITS service when I don’t want to be bothered on my phone).  Or are there other options you can suggest?   Also, are there any plans to support shortcodes via DIGITS?  And any reason why such function is not supported by DIGITS?



T-Mobile wants users to purchase an eSIM for $40+ dollars on an “payment plan” -- rather than just providing regular customers the added feature on Digits of being able to receive verification codes and texts. Sucks really. 

Why can't I get text messages from Amazon for account verification OTP to(#8563084006 From didgits line)

Why can't I get text messages from Amazon for account verification OTP to(#8563084006 From didgits line)

Boooo T-Mobile!


RECEIVing texts for digits



Come on T-Mobile, FIX THIS!  Or at least acknowledge you're aware of the issue and provide us with a stance.

Digits is the only differentiating feature you have over your competition and the reason some of us have stuck with TMO.  Digits is crippled. Please do something about it.

Short codes and OTP SMS cannot be sent over digits for the following reason-

Digits accesses the phone number on multiple devices, which have nothing to do with your phone. This poses serious security risks for OTP and short code SMS content which are EXPLICITLY meant for your smartphone. 

The sender of the codes assumes that you are reading it on your phone. If you received the code for a password reset, one time password or verification of authentication, you MUST possess the phone or else you are breaking the covenant with the sender of that SMS who can then be legally held liable for sending such text to a device that is not your phone.

So, in short, there will not be short codes on digits. There cannot be.