Should Scam Block filter Invalid Numbers?

  • 4 January 2023
  • 1 reply

I have Scam Block on my cell line. Today I got a call with a Caller ID that didn’t look right to me, with a “122” prefix. (AAA-122-NNNN, actually “+1AAA122NNNN”). I let it ring out, and it didn’t leave a voicemail. I checked, and the number is definitely invalid, so I’m wondering why Scam Block let the number ring through? Shouldn’t invalid caller id’s be blocked? (The number is blocked by my phone now, BTW.)

I also tried to report the number at, but was unsuccessful, I’m guessing because the number is invalid.

1 reply

The service will not. TMobile doesn’t even try to block calls with invalid phone numbers in the caller ID. I’m talking about invalid phone numbers not spoofed numbers. It certainly has the technology to validate that number in caller ID is at least a valid assigned phone number but doesn’t try. I get inundated with these calls everyday. The US Federal TRACE Act mandated these calls get blocked by June 2021. It never happened.