Spam Caller: +1 805 637 7243

  • 1 February 2021
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This # has been leaving voice messages ever since I got my phone in 2018. Every time I shut down my phone then turn it back on it says that I have a new voice message from the same #. Then its says that voice mail was detected using SMS but I haven't even been able to set up my voice mail. So I Googled the # to see if anyone else was having this problem and I found that this # is from Santa Barbara and many people have had this issue just like me and most of them said that this # had something to do with T-Mobile. Then I heard that this # was a viruse or a hacker trying to get into your phone which almost gave me a heart attack. So if you could explain to me what this # really is then that would be great. 

8 replies

I’ve got the same issue.  Started this morning.  Got online with support and they deleted my Voicemail Service as I use Google Voice.  I can’t get rid of the VM icon for notifications….. 

I get voicemail notifications non-stop from this number (805) 637-7243) I have blocked it repeatedly but it still comes in several times a day-sounds like T Mobile hasn’t done anything about it

Go to Settings menu

  • To access your voicemail setting menu, press and hold the 1 key or dial 123 on your device dial pad.

I checked my voicemail by dialing 123.  I didn’t bother dialing the 805 number.

How do I get rid of this number that keeps calling me a million times per day. The number is 805-637-7243?

Lillian Dauod

I have been getting calls from this number also ever since I switched to T-Mobile.  #805 637 7243 calls me numerous times a day all hours of the day and night. I have blocked the number so my phone doesn’t ring but he always leaves a voice mail about wanting to buy my house. When I did a reverse search on the number thru the white pages it shows it Registered in Dorchester, MA. If T-Mobile can’t do something about this I may have to go back to AT&T!

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Try the following: Turn on Spam Block by dialing #ONB# and hitting the send key, just like you're dialing a phone call. Install the Scam Shield app. Block and report the number next time you get a call.

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I find it hard to believe this thread has gone on for so long and no one has mentioned that +1-805-637-7243 (805-MESSAGE) is T-Mobile’s voicemail access line. You call that number to access your voicemail from a non-T-Mobile phone. You can also leave messages for T-Mobile customers.

@drnewcomb The problem is not this number calling me, it is that this number is making notification noises on my phone, even when there is no new voicemail.  I hear the TM notification sounds at 1AM from this number, 5AM, etc.  I have tried saving this phone number as a contact, setting its ringtone and notification sounds to silent and then blocking it.  NOTHING WORKS.  I have over a dozen calls into TM about this, but they don’t help.  I’ve had their tech support tell me that they have blocked this number from calling me and sending me notifications, but that didn’t last and I am not sure it ever worked in the first place.  I need for this number’s notification sounds to be set to silent and cannot do it manually on my phone OR with tech support. 

Just for your information, the reason why some people may think this is a scam caller is because numerous times when I have called TM, the customer service agents tell me that it is a scam number.  They need to watch the way they phrase this.  I think what they MEAN to say is perhaps a scammer is spoofing this number and calling, but they don’t explain themselves adequately, and simply say “Ma’m, when I research this number, I see that it is a scam caller.”  Not exactly true.  It’s TM’s number being spoofed.  They don’t take the time to differentiate that though, and so they are telling the general public that it is a scam number, when in fact, it is TM voicemail’s number being spoofed.  Today, one customer service agent (I spoke with three alone today) was kind enough to explain to me that the number is a debt collector, and she went on to explain to me that debt collectors call you when you haven’t paid a bill. (Duh?)  I quickly explained to that call taker that my credit is perfect and that I am fortunate enough to have a job and I can pay my bills. (UGH!!!!!)

So, I hope this demystifies why some people think that +1-805-637-7243 (805-MESSAGE) is T-Mobile’s voicemail access line.  Call TM and ask them about this number.  You probably will be told by TM directly that it is  a scam number.  Perhaps that may cure your disbelief. . .