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This week I started getting spam group text mesaages daily. How do I make it stop? Guessing my number was stolen or sold. Also Messager isn't even allowing me to block the whole thing, have to individually block all 20 numbers but each day different numbers.

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I’m in the same boat. My phone and my Wifes are both sending spam messages to about 20 numbers. Something along the lines of this - “Your bill is paid for March. Thanks, here's a little gift for you.” followed by a link.  It happened 5 times in the last 2 days. When I see it I send a message out as well alerting the participants its a scam and to not click on the link.

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That's the message I'm receiving. I didn't know it could escalate to my number sending spam! This is very weird.

Same. Same message with 20 others. Last two-three days. 


Is this a T-mobile breach??!!

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It’s scammer who is spoofing numbers. I’ve sent details to T-mobile. Perhaps they can do something. Meanwhile I’ve been sending the following message to the message group as they come up. “Sorry. Not from me. Someone using my number. Please delete any Bill's paid free gift. It's a scam. DO NOT CICK ON THE LINK.”


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Hopefully, not a breach. Just a scammer. I’ve tried emailing T-mobile with details but it bounces back. Hopefully they monitor these forums.

Meanwhile as the messages get sent I’ve been sending my own to the 20 numbers. “Sorry. Not from me. Some a**eh**e using my number. Please delete any message about Bill's paid / free gift. It's a scam. DO NOT CICK ON THE LINK.”

Apparently using the full word in here gets you sent to the Headmaster’s Office. LOL

Same thing, I got 19 dings last night and had to delete each one and then worried some might be gleaned from my contacts, then this morning started getting dinged with the 2300 and contacted T-mobile and they couldn’t help I already have Spam Blocker on. I hope somebody figures this out.


Same here!  All tmobile said is forward it and they are sorry.  why I expected more I don't know

Same issue here the last couple days. I've taken to blocking the numbers the last two times and it's still happening. One of the numbers I previously blocked was still on the group the second time as well. I keep deleting and it doesn't help. Second picture shows the number that came in even though it was blocked.


Forward the text to SPAM (7726). I have been receiving so many of these, I created a contact called SPAM because I kept forgetting 7726… DO NOT CLICK THE LINK

Seems like this is a known issue with other carrier users too. Google it and you will see articles about this same spam issue on the NY times, Cnet, etc. Seems like Verizon did something to block these off for thier users, hope T-Mobile will do something soon.

It’s so annoying that TMobile doesn’t care enough to at least reply….not even an f you.

I am getting that “your bill has been paid for March...” message repeatedly. I keep deleting it but it comes back The last one I got just says “excuse me.” I am not able to block it on my phone. It is so annoying.

I been doing this. 

From any Home screen, tap Messaging.
Tap the Menu key.
Tap Settings.
If necessary, tap Spam settings to select the check box.
Tap Register number as spam.
Tap Create.
Manually enter the number or tap the Contacts icon to add a contact.
When finished, tap Save.


I like this method but not sure how to do this that someone posted. 


Forward the text to SPAM (7726). I have been receiving so many of these, I created a contact called SPAM because I kept forgetting 7726… DO NOT CLICK THE LINK


Can someone kindly give steps on how to set this up?  Can you forward a text? Also what do I do after that follow by typing in 7726

I’m not able to forward the message at all.  All I can do is delete it.  I’m relieved to know it’s not just me.  I thought I had screwed something up.

Such a hassle

I've been getting the same March bill paid with phishing link for two days. I have been consistently blocking all the numbers in the group (hit down arrow on mass txt and then each number and block). I don't know if it's helping, I am still getting the txts. I will start forwarding to 7726. I've devoted a bunch of time today to blocking numbers, I hope there is a solution found soon. The only other mitigation I've found is to turn off notifications for the mass txts, so at least there is no sound. The double edged sword of technology is becoming ever sharper on the negative side.

We have the same issue. 

I would argue that it is a consolidated cyber attack from either state or non state actors (Russian or Chinese) due to the Western nations response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  

The best advice that most have given here is not to click on the “link/links”, all of the websites which are fake and or tied to malware / ransomware.  

I’m sure that T-Mobile is aware and working on a fix, but at this point just delete the text and or next texts that may hit your phone / iPhone.   

Hey Rhinomann, thanks. Just happened over few days and stopped. Appreciate the info/advice. Good luck

Forward the text to SPAM (7726). I have been receiving so many of these, I created a contact called SPAM because I kept forgetting 7726… DO NOT CLICK THE LINK

My Samsung 5G note20 plus does NOT give that option at all. This is the only options available. 


It's too bad T-Mobile wasn't more helpful I've been with them for like over 1314 years I'm highly disappointed I don't know I think I'm gonna be looking for a new cell phone company if this crap doesn't stop this is ridiculous multiple messages multiple times it's whole times it's A-day every day for months

Trump campaign is text bombing my phone with SPAM.

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This sounds a lot like what happened to a friend when she clicked to share her contacts with a game for free in-game credits.  It literally sent a group message to all of her contacts, who kept the group going for like 2 days trying to figure out how to get it to stop because people just kept replying.  Everyone had to stop replying and leave the group for it to stop.