Stolen Order delivered

  • 28 March 2022
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I had ordered a phone and once it was shipped/ delivered. Ups left it on doorstep, and it was stolen from my doorstep. I've contacted twice customer service...but still no phone shipped back.. ordered it 03/15/2022.... 

3 replies

On September 27th, I visited my local T-Mobile and ordered two of the new IPhone 14 Pro Max's in the color gold. They were to be delivered to my house. Come October 10th, I receive a package that requires a signature from T-Mobile, thinking this is my two phones. Instead, it is only one IPhone 14 Pro, not even the Max, and not even in the color I requested for my two phones. So, I call customer service, go to T-Mobile, ship the one incorrect IPhone back through UPS, and they told me they are going to start an investigation to find the phones. Come today, I get an email that lets me know that the devices have been found and are actively being used on my account. I call T-Mobile customer service letting them know I received the email but I still don't have my two phones, nor the one incorrect one they sent. After 45 frustrating minutes, they told me that because I signed for the package I received, even though it was wrong, they couldn't do anything for me basically. Even though I am still out of the two phones, that I do not have. I am not the one using them. I paid just over $200 for them when I first ordered them at T-Mobile and even paid two $35 activation fees. 


I do not know what to do and they told me that I have to pay for these phones even if I don't have them. If they don't get the phones back from whoever has them, I have to continue to pay for them... but I still don't have two new replacement phones myself. 


I am so disappointed and truly need some input.

Thanks in advance!


I went to pick up my package from an UPS hub and when I got home, my IPhone 13 pro max was missing. The box only had bubble stuffing and a belton charger in it. After reaching out to customer service 3 Times, I was told about the 72 hr plus another 48 hour for a total investigation. Then I received 2 emails with return instructions to send back the phone I never received.

I also tried to put in a claim with UPS and received an error message stating that this delivery doesn’t qualify for a claim. What??!!! What kind of nonsense is happening here?

I’m so frustrated at this point! Obviously there’s a problem between Tmobile and Ups, yet T-Mobile continues to use them. 

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There is going to be the problem with that. You are going to need to report the device stolen with your local Police dept. you also need to report it to UPS. If you have not done any of this, I think you are going to S.O.L. Tmobile will not replace the device on your word that it was not delivered to you. UPS says they delivered Tmobile will go off of that report from them.