• 22 September 2022
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I picked up my package from a UPS sub store, only to open it and find my phone missing. Customer service didn’t assist very much and UPS said that I was unable to file a claim.

After speaking to 3 different T-Mobile cc agents, I was told that it can take 5-10 days to be resolved, that the phone imeic would be deactivated internationally wide, and then I received 2 emails with return package slips for a phone I did not receive.

I log in to my T-Mobile account this morning and the return shipping information is there also. I’m so confused and upset. How can you send me a return shipping label for a phone a called to report stolen?!

So I decided to go to google for answers and what I have found is that this type of thing is a regular occurrence between T-Mobile and UPS. Why on earth haven’t either company put in better security measures? How can the phones truly be deactivated if this type of theft is reoccurring?


2 replies

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1st off sry for your loss. 2nd never have a valuable item like this left at a sub store if possible. You are going to have to get your local P/D involved and file a Police report. Get the names of anyone you had contact with at the store. as far as the occurring with Ups this is also a problem with Usps as well. T-Mobile relies on the word of Ups that the item was left as it should have been so they are not going to do much to help you resolve this issue. Ups is going to take the stand that the item was left at the store as requested so they may not be of much help in this matter as it stands. You may need to go back to the sub store and see if there is any in store video on the day your item came in to see what type of condition your package was in and to see if anything happened to it in the store.


I appreciate the information but I didn’t request for it to go there. I wasn’t home at delivery and that’s the place on the slip where they said for me to pick it up. The next day I received a package ready for pick up notification. That’s when I went to pick it up. 

I guess there’s no one entity to blame because thieves are everywhere. I will never order a big price item like this online again. I should of taken myself to a T-Mobile dealer in the first place.