Tmobile neglects long term customers we get no phone deals.

  • 23 March 2022
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Tmobile has been neglecting long term customers. The number one complaint is no phone deals.

I went though this today and just about every month I've been with T Mobile. The number one push off I get  from customer service is,

“ Sorry I can't find anything but we have trade in program. You can also look back later for promotions”  well the last part of that statement is a complete lie. I never saw a promotion for existing customers without a trade in the 4 Or 5  years ive been here not once ,not ever and I check weekly.

So Tmoble ,why lie to your existing long term  customers? We pay the bills so your company can survive and buy other companies. So why keep repeating the lie? We're all sick if it. How about consentrating  on keeping your customer base,  because your about to loose many of these long term customers. How about a promotion for customers that been with T-Mobile for 3 years or more  and without the trade-ins or credits . and not the cheap junk phones either.  How many long term customers do think your really going to keep with rescession economy like this.  I guarantee you were all looking at competitor deals. The T-mobile deals are the worst.


6 replies

I have felt the same way.  I have been with them for 7 years.   I had 6 lines, and we are down to 3.


We have been moving away from T-Mobile for this very reason.  The remaining lines will be moved shortly.  They don't care one way or the other.



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Wnen I use to get free upgrades every 2 years my plan was more expensive than it is now. I pay $60 for 2 lines of unlimited everything.


Hasn’t everyone figured out by now that free upgrade really means you’ve paid off the last phone so come buy a new one to pay for? It’s not free nor an upgrade anymore than if you went out and charged a sofa and paid it off every 2 years and charged a new one. Or ‘upgraded.’ Ha!

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No matter what carrier  you go with you’ll be on the same boat.  Switch carriers, and see what happens.  You’ll switch again and viola same thing.  Keep switching if you want the latest and greatest deal.  


Personally I am on an OOOOOOLLLLDD plan.  I save more than enough to buy a new device every year.  No carrier is going to give me a better deal and not even the new T-Mobile plans ever will.  I’d rather keep the plan than get the shiny phones every year. 

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I would consider just purchasing a phone on the used phone marketplace and swapping your SIM card, rather than being locked into a carrier for another 2-3 years. 


Plus, there are lots of MVNO operators out there to choose the best plan that fits you.  I like myself, as they let you choose between VZ and TMo networks SIM cards and buy only what you need.  They also offer  “prepaid” international eSIMs for when you travel.

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or buy directly from the manufacturers..they have their own deals going on as well.