TMobile Trade-in Offers Issue

  • 21 November 2021
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I switched my mobile service connection  from Verizon to TMobile with 2 lines and got a third line from TMobile in early July. I got the deal from Tmobile online via chat conversations with customer representative - Clayton from

I have ordered 2 iphones - iphone 12 pro max and iphone 11 by trading in iphone 7 plus. Deal is that I will get 700 dollars credit for trade-in and 50% of iphone 11 with buying iphone 12 pro max.

There is no details of these details in order confirmation. Customer sales representative mentioned the deal will be reflected in 2-3 billing cycle. I was waiting on it.

But T Mobile did not keep their word and simply saying promotion is not eligible as we sent the trade-in device late. It was never communicated at the time of opening line in email or verbal that device has to be sent to them by this date. Also, iphone 7plus was very good condition and trade-in amount given to us is 50. 

It was very worst experience with T-Mobile. I need call Tmobile several times (spent the issue at least 10 hours by this time) and there is not much support. Looks like T-mobile is luring customers with false promotions which is not getting applied once customer opened the account with Tmobile.

Every time customer sales representative says that this will be fixed and committing that trade-in value promised would be applied but was not done at all. Looks like what they offer in the call is completely different. Please DO NOT COME to TMOBILE.


6 replies


Agree with you 100%.  I also recently had a very bad experience buying a new phone from T-Mo.  Two different customer service reps were not only deceptive but outright lied to me about the trade in value.  Good thing I was able to cancel the order.  After this, my opinion of T-Mobile as a good company to do business with is in the trash.

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I too had the same experience. For two trade in devices, tmobile did not give promotional benefits in bill. I had to call customer care and argue for hours to get those promotions.

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I am going through this exact same thing, Feb i received an email about  IPHONE ON US, I traded in my 2 phones   magically one was not set up correctly so I did not get the promo even though I have been calling and trying to get it fixed! one rep tells me no problem I will have it fixed tomorrow and call you back   never get called back  Then I call the next rep tells me nothing they can do and wants me to return my new phones yet they do not want to give back my old phones, or refund that sales tax i paid them! … so I would be out a freaking ton of money cause then I have no phones to trade towards better ones and out sales tax again!    Freaking MAD and they will not do crap!

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i don’t trade me phones with them. i use the manufactures site to trade in a phone. they have not given me any false info concerning my traded device. and the trade in value is generally higher to boot.