Unknown 404 numbers showing up on my usage log

  • 3 August 2021
  • 26 replies

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26 replies

I’ve been having the same problems. Never experienced any issues when I was with Sprint, but now for the past year this random number (404) 455-0118 is in my husband’s message log. He said he hasn’t received anything from this number. It is strange because it is only shows when we aren’t together. I find that to be odd. However, with so many others having the same issue I know it has to be. Scammer. What I don’t like is that means my husband’s number has been hacked and that’s a problem. Another issue is that if so many people have already complained to TMobile and they aren’t do anything, that shows they don’t care and their customer safety is not a priority. They should have never taken over Sprint if they weren’t ready to make sure that all customers were safe. This causes a lot of issues in the home and they sit back and allow this to happen. I want to know who and what this number is and why they are showing in my logs.