When will T-mobile Money allow connection with Intuit products such as Mint again?

  • 26 June 2022
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Hi everyone, I find personal/business money management software that directly links to my tax software essential, so I use intuit products, for better or worse. I need my T-mo Money account to be able to sync with Intuit products, and see a bunch of threads about how it used to sync, but then was blocked by T-Mo. Most of us won’t use a bunch of different money management software accounts tied to individual accounts, so a lot of us use Intuit products that aggregate our accounts and connect directly to our tax prep applications.

Please let us connect our accounts again! It makes having a T-mobile account without this connection inconvenient, enough so that I consider using a different product. I really like T-mo, but that won’t keep me using it if it doesn’t play nice with the most commonly used financial management and tax software.

I know a lot of online banks want to compete and offer financial management through their sites. My bank tries to do that, too, but I ignore it. There’s no way I will use an individual bank account’s financial mgmt software over one that directly links all my accounts allowing me to manage everything together and send all that data to my tax prep app.  I prefer one app to rule them all, frankly. Don’t have time to muck about with individual bank software.

Anyone else find this lack of connectivity inconvenient or annoying? If so, please post about it! It might help T-mo change their mind. Older posts about this have comments closed or are marked solved when the problem still exists. In the meantime, I’m going to contact Customers Bank and see if they have a workaround since T-Mo Money runs on their system. I hope others do the same. If T-mo won’t help us, maybe Customer’s Bank can?

7 replies

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I totally agree with you. We need to email t-mobile and get some support on this. Not sure if they read the boards. 

Please let us know how your Customers Bank conversation went! Did they help you find a workaround? So many of us are still struggling with this issue with no reasponse from T-mobile on it since a year ago.

See the comments above!!! please allow linking with Mint

Just adding to the list of requests to integrate with Mint. The only reason I stay with Tmobile Money (for now) is the higher interest rate. It’s not worth it to me to stay if it continues to be so hard to work with Tmobile Money. Other than the interest rate, Tmobile Money is by far the worst banking experience I’ve ever had.

Adding my TMoMoney account to MINT would be a great reason to keep my TMoMoney account!

Just here to say the same - it’s such a headache using the t-mobile money services (why do normal transfers take over a week?!) so can we please at least get the option to link to Mint

I was hoping since it Tmo-Money works with Plaid (just the checking not the saving) now it would work for Mint too.  At this point I am not sure who is really to blame because Mint doesn't work with their banking product via Credit Karma.