Why no forgiveness?


Why is it, whether your phone is lost or stolen, do you still charge the customer, especially if the phone was stolen? I have been paying for a phone that got stolen from me two years ago, and of course the replacement to that phone. I think that the company should forgive the customer when their phone is stolen. If a report was made at the customer’s local police department, would that not be verification enough? In addition, when the line to that phone is suspended, why do we continue to have to pay on that phone? It’s almost like t-mobile is making out on a customer’s misfortune. 

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T-Mobile can’t remain profitable if they end up not charging people for devices they as a company, have to pay for.  It’s unfortunate that your device was stolen, but sometimes unfortunate things happen.  You bought the phone and agreed to pay for it over the term.  Just because that device gets stolen, lost, broken, or whatever, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to finish paying for it.  

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Cross out “phone” and write in “car” and see how your question sounds? Do any banks forgive the loan if a car is lost, damaged or stolen? That’s why insurance exists and most banks require you carry full coverage on any car you finance. T-Mobile does not require you insure your phone but it’s available.