wifi calling in Pixel 4a 5g, I can't hear

  • 17 February 2021
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I am having the same issue on my Pixel 4a, very frustrating.  I reset the WiFi per above and that worked, we’ll see how long.

Same problem on a onePlus 8 5g tmobile edition.  I’ll give the reboot a try.  Resetting network settings sounds promising.  I found this under settings → system → reset options → reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.

Resetting all network settings seems to have restored it for me. that is under the “Reset wi-fi, mobile, and bluetooth” option. Hopefully it will last!

Got the same issue on Pixel 4a 5g. I got my phone 10 days ago, initially seemed fine, now can’t hear anything when I make a call, and no one can hear me. Tried turning off wireless calling, no benefit - but I am also noticing that my 5g signal is at zero or just above, and often it says LTE instead of 5g. I just called the cell phone from a land line, didn’t ring, went straight to message, then after I leave a message I get a pop-up message. So phone function is reduced to that of an answering machine. 

I'm having the same issue with my 4a5g. I've had it less than two weeks and it's really annoying. Only Sunday to work when I restart it.

Same issue here on 4a5g Android 11

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send reports to Google if you want it fixed.  Carriers have little control on software unlike popular opinion.  Quite a handful of times OEM’s have admitted this, but always flies under the radar with people.

I have Pixel 4a 5G and am having exactly the same issues. When I am calling someone they can hear me, but I can’t hear them. If I am calling 611 I can see that call started, but I can’t hear even TMobile greetings. I have called TMobile multiple times on this and they tried to replace SIM card, to set LTE as preferred network instead of 5G, eventually even replaced my phone, nothing helps. The only thing helps is turning off WiFi (at lest it helped couple times) but that is not an option. Most of the time I have to reboot the phone to fix it. This is becoming really frustrating, because I am missing important calls, I can’t rely on this phone anymore. Considering to go back to my Pixel 2XL (which has newer ever had any such issues). TMobile/Google have to fix their stuff.

I bought a pixel 4a 5g straight from google. It's fully stock. When I'm on WiFi calling, I almost always (not always though) can't hear the other side on the call and have to switch to cellular. The other side of the call reports hearing me without an issue.


My phone is fully updated with google updates.

I'm having the same issues on Pixel 5. The other side of the call says they can hear me fine, but I can't hear them. The only fix is to disconnect from wifi. 


Did anyone find a more permanent fix?

Same issue on my wife’s T-Mobile issued 4a 5G. Wifi calling works fine on my OnePlus 7 Pro NA (non T-Mobile variant).

Same issue here (hah). This happens during a call. Sometimes the caller cannot hear me but I can hear them, and vice versa. It has happened with old sim, new sim, and WiFi on/off. Finally trying to figure this out.

I'm having the same issue with or without wifi calling on pixel 5. Has anyone found a solution? Or identified if it is a hardware or software issue? 

I have the same issue. I need to know, is it tmobile, or a hardware bug? I like the phone, otherwise! I just want to hear calls!

@jonpaterson I had wifi-calling turned off.  I still had the issue.  I ended up restarting the phone to fix the issue (temporarily).  This is very annoying.

@ocmyhome if I disable wifi calling completely I do not have the problem

@jonpaterson I want to say I attempted this and still ran into the issue, but this was awhile ago.  I’ll go ahead and disable this feature and see how it goes.

@ocmyhome if I disable wifi calling completely I do not have the problem

does disabling wifi-calling work for anyone (to bypass this problem)?  because i’ve disabled wifi-calling and i still get the issue.  Seems super unreasonable for google/tmobile to expect us to simply disable wifi all day long because we might get a call at some point...

This is also occurring for myself with pixel 5.  If I disconnect wifi, start a call, enable wifi and have the call transition back to a wifi call there is no problem.  This seems to be an initial call setup issue.

I have this same exact issue.  It happens most days and I have to restart the phone for it to start working again.  Very frustrating