wifi calling in Pixel 4a 5g, I can't hear

  • 17 February 2021
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I bought a pixel 4a 5g straight from google. It's fully stock. When I'm on WiFi calling, I almost always (not always though) can't hear the other side on the call and have to switch to cellular. The other side of the call reports hearing me without an issue.


My phone is fully updated with google updates.

44 replies

I have this issue with a Pixel 5a, I had this phone on Verizon briefly and had zero problems with WIFI calling.  It just seems broken with T-Mobile.  Sometimes I even need to turn WIFI off with cellular calls.

Resetting all network settings seems to have restored it for me. that is under the “Reset wi-fi, mobile, and bluetooth” option. Hopefully it will last!

Same problem on a onePlus 8 5g tmobile edition.  I’ll give the reboot a try.  Resetting network settings sounds promising.  I found this under settings → system → reset options → reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.

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Don’t hold your breath for a fix.  This has been broken for over a year now, and no progress is evident.


I have the same issue. I need to know, is it tmobile, or a hardware bug? I like the phone, otherwise! I just want to hear calls!

Having the same issue with my Pixel 5. There are times when I’m on a call using wifi calling and all of a sudden I can’t hear the other person. I turn my wifi off and I’m able to hear again just fine and continue the call. 

I’ve come across where I have wifi turned on, but not connected to any wifi signal and still have the problem.  I was on the road and making a call, I couldn’t hear who I called but they could hear me. I turned my wifi off on the phone and I could hear the other person fine.

I am having the same issue on my Pixel 4a, very frustrating.  I reset the WiFi per above and that worked, we’ll see how long.

Same issue here on 4a5g Android 11

My wife is having the same problem on a pixel 5.  Poor Tmobile reception at our house.  Wifi calling works on my pixel 2xl just fine.  My wife misses many calls or answers on wifi if it is urgent and goes outside and down the road and turns off wifi calling.


I have reset network settings which temporarily worked but it did not last long.

I have this same exact issue.  It happens most days and I have to restart the phone for it to start working again.  Very frustrating

This is also occurring for myself with pixel 5.  If I disconnect wifi, start a call, enable wifi and have the call transition back to a wifi call there is no problem.  This seems to be an initial call setup issue.

Pixel 5a on Tmobile network.  Occasionally, phone calls have no incoming audio.  By the comments in this thread, it seems like I need to troubleshoot by working through all combinations of:

∆  Experimenting with network types (i.e., 4g, LTE, 5g) 

∆  Experimenting with reception types (i.e., cellular only, wifi only, cellular and wifi both enabled)

∆  Experimenting with call origin (did I initiate the call, or was it an incoming call)

∆  Experimenting with using the speakerphone function versus non-speakerphone.

∆. type of phone on the other end (is it some weird iPhone thing).

This is ridiculous.   How is it that a cellphone can't do the most basic audio.  It's in the name:   cellPHONE.    C'mon people.



@jonpaterson I had wifi-calling turned off.  I still had the issue.  I ended up restarting the phone to fix the issue (temporarily).  This is very annoying.

Yup same.  My specifics is that my 5G signal, well, TMobile signal all together, is week near at my location.

I'll turn wifi calling off, but miss regular calls.  With wifi calling on, I can receive a wifi call, pick it up, I can't hear anything, bit while the call is still active, turn off wifi completely, the call switches to cellular and it works.

This works until I realize because my cellular signal is garbage, I miss a call.


Have any of you tried changing the preferred cellular network connection type to not 5G, so LTE?


This is a problem for me, as well, with my Pixel 4A 5G.  Very annoying and unacceptable.  Disabling Wi-Fi isn’t an option for me as T-Mobile coverage is so poor here that I can’t use the cellular network for calls.


Is everyone using Google Wi-Fi? I can’t remember if this happened when I was using my ISPs router or not.

Google wifi here with the issue.  Verizon FiOS ISP. Router issue perhaps?

Same issue on my Pixel 5a 5G.  Since it seems to be affecting the Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5 and 5a 5G and those 3 phones are all using the snapdragon 765G processer does that have something to do with the issue?  I switched from Verizon to T-mobile and having to restart my phone multiple times a day just to make phone calls is ridiculous. Sounds like a phone update from google is needed to address the issue.  I also reported to the Google bug tracker.

Same issue on my wife’s T-Mobile issued 4a 5G. Wifi calling works fine on my OnePlus 7 Pro NA (non T-Mobile variant).

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send reports to Google if you want it fixed.  Carriers have little control on software unlike popular opinion.  Quite a handful of times OEM’s have admitted this, but always flies under the radar with people.

Got the same issue on Pixel 4a 5g. I got my phone 10 days ago, initially seemed fine, now can’t hear anything when I make a call, and no one can hear me. Tried turning off wireless calling, no benefit - but I am also noticing that my 5g signal is at zero or just above, and often it says LTE instead of 5g. I just called the cell phone from a land line, didn’t ring, went straight to message, then after I leave a message I get a pop-up message. So phone function is reduced to that of an answering machine. 

@chrispix can you explain how to do this?  i see the link but don’t see clear instructions.  thnx

I'm having the same issue with or without wifi calling on pixel 5. Has anyone found a solution? Or identified if it is a hardware or software issue? 

Same issue on my Samsung Note10+ 5G.

There a Google ticket for this? Still occuring to me even after factory reset.

I’m trying to enable WiFi calling on the same device - a Google Pixel 4a 5G direct from Google. I’ve been told by T-Mobile support that I CAN’T do that because of a firmware incompatibility. I would have had to have bought the device from T-Mobile. The “Enable WiFi Calling” checkbox is gone.

Do I understand that others here have this phone with WiFi calling enabled?