Wrong/unknown device showing on my.tmobile.com 2020

  • 6 September 2020
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It’s extremely frustrating, I have major OCD and when I log into my account it drives me crazy that it shows a different device compared to what I really have. I know this doesn't impact my services but a mobile carrier should have it right. One thing I think I came to the conclusion and the engineers might need to fix this, is if you purchase an iPhone from Apple “Sim Free” it’ll show a different type of iPhone. I used to have a “sim free” iPhone 11 Pro 256GB Space gray and online it would show that phone but say I have it the midnight green 64GB. I upgraded recently to the Max and it's doing the same thing! I get my phones from apple because with trade-in, and my friend who works for apple gets me a 15% discount it just makes sense for me to do it this way. 


Just extremely frustrating that the engineers at T-Mobile can’t get it together to get this problem fixed. We used to have the option to select the device and save it, can we bring that back????



1 reply

I have the same issue. I have a Galaxy S20+ and my mother and and a family member are added to my account and they each have a Galaxy S10+, I also have a tablet line with just unlimited 4G data, they all show on T-Mobile website as (GALAXY S9’s ????!!!!!) , all three of them !!!

It is so frustrating. When in doubt, their system just gives it a random name/brand/model?? I don’t understand why that is, since the IMEI of a mobile phone is a global identifier the same way a VIN# is to a vehicle. It is easy to decode and figure out a device brand and model all the way down to the storage size and color/features, gold edition or other… THE IMEI HAS THIS INFORMATION AND IT IS UNIQUE. If you were to go to a free web-based IMEI CHECKER) online,  visit right on Google  “ IMEI.info ”  you can type any phone’s IMEI # and identify it, and as with T-Mobile and all other carriers, they activate people’s devices and need to know whether a phone is stolen or not, or whether it has a “clean” IMEI or not, so their system has this and it is very accurate “for them” internally, but for us, the customer, we get the dummy end of the system.  Trust me, they know what phone we have, they just don’t care to show it to us accurately; this seems to be a common problem, a friend of mine with T-Mobile has complained about the same issue.  They should really fix that.