55 and older for 2 people on plan. Why is my plan 79.66 a month?

  • 21 September 2022
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We signed up for 55 + for 2. FREE phones included. Why do we pay 79.66 monthly? We are on autopay. 

Essentials 55+


Plus taxes and fees

Applied discounts and promotions:

$10 AutoPay Discount

3 replies

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The essential plan doesn't include taxes.

My bill for essentials 55 is 77.06 here in Florida.

it went up $5 a line because I would not switch to a less secure payment option. I use a credit card and they want me to use a debit card, which is less secure. I may be switching to Visible for $50 for a total of 2 lines ($25 for each line) for the same coverage, they take credit cards.

 Dear T-Mobile Corporate Customer Relations,

I am writing to express my deep disappointment regarding a series of events that have transpired since I subscribed to a T-Mobile plan. As a senior citizen and veteran, I was assured by an authorized T-Mobile representative, Kobi, that I would be eligible for a special Essentials Choice 55+ promotion.

On December 30, 2023, at Ft. Gordon military base, I was informed that I would receive a $60 per month plan for two phone lines, with two new Galaxy 5 flip phones at no cost, as a new subscriber. I was told that I would only be responsible for paying the initial activation fees plus tax for each individual line, with a monthly billing adjustment for the first two months and a maximum of $70 per month thereafter, provided I signed up for auto-draft payment and received a $10 credit ($5 off each line). 

I received the phones after a 5-day wait and connected my service, porting my number. Although I preferred Apple iPhones, I chose the Galaxy flip phones due to the promotional offer. However, I have concerns regarding the accuracy of the representation made by the sales representative and the subsequent billing discrepancies.

I would appreciate it if you could investigate this matter and address the issues I've experienced. Specifically, I would like to know why I was not informed about the billing adjustments and why my subsequent invoices were higher than the promised $70 per month. I would also appreciate clarification on the promotional offer and any possible solutions for correcting the situation.  i can be reached to discuss at i want this resolved and all billing adjustments made ASAP, i have filed a case with the FCC and BBB. I think its unreasonable to not allow your patrons to have a formal way of filing a direct employee complaint with your corporate office other than by mail. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter.