Carrier Hub & MCM client incompatible.

  • 27 January 2021
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I started having problems with my new phone 1/16/21 after an update my phone started processing request for MCM client for everything I did from making a call to sending a text and I noticed that I would loose Tmobile network and would not be able to connect to wifi until a restart Then the issues would start back with loosing calls and text’s would not send. I uninstalled Carrier Hub and disabled automatic update for it then removed all permissions for MCM client and just like magic my phone is like new again with 0 problems. 

4 replies

How did you uninstall carrier hub? I tried and there is no uninstall. Have the same problem with MCM processing


Interesting timeline for this comment. Even more interesting is the lack of a response to the second comme term question. 

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the site here is primarily peer to the only responses you’ll see are pretty much other customers.

Why has this not been resolved?  Loyal T-Mobile customer for 16 years but this is totally freezing my screen and is unacceptable.