Exchange Phones on Same Plan

  • 30 July 2023
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Would I be able to get a new phone (Galaxy S23+) with the add a line promotional discount, and then swap my current phone (Galaxy S10+) with the new phone so I have the new phone on my current number and my existing phone on the new number?

I don’t see anything in the terms of the offer that indicate the new phone has to be on the new line, but maybe I’m missing something.  If this would be technically allowed, what sequence of steps would I follow to achieve this?


3 replies

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As long as you don't cancel a line you can  do it.

I am doing the same thing. I plan on following the steps in the link below. 


How to swap SIMs from an old device to a new device | eSIM | Galaxy S23+ | T-Mobile Support

I have 3 mobile lines total - Wife - Myself - extra cell for hotspot use.  I’m wanting to swap the eSIM’s between my cell (iPhone) & the hotspot cell (Samsung).  I’ve done this twice before, chatting with Support...but now I can’t get the chat feature to come up & can’t even see a prompt to chat with them.  Will above method work to make the swap, or will I hinder the 2nd phone useless when I swap the eSIM to the first phone?