Mobile@Work blocking T-Mobile trying to install an app

  • 20 January 2021
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I am getting a push notification every 15 mins or so that reads:

com.tmobile.echolocate “Blocked by your IT Admin” Our company only allows app installs through Google.

How do I disable this notification as it is a nuisance and interrupts my active calls.

9 replies

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what phone? phone dependent you might be able to slide the notification to the side and it should have a gear to go into settings to mute it etc.

hi I also have mobile iron/mobile@work and today was when I started getting that annoying popup.I surprisingly DIDN;T look around on the web much (like I usually do) but instead just hopped on tmobile app and started chatting with them… could have saved myself some time, although she did confirm things-- I found on  along the left side was com.tmobile.echolocate - so the culprit is the tmobile app itself. the tech support person said this could make sense as apparently the app did just have an update. I can’t say I’m crazy about the name of this feature (echoLOCATE? some background location tracking? <tin foil hat off>  but my suspicion is that its so new that mobileiron hasn’t whitelisted it yet. presumably an app from someone like tmobile would probably pass muster w/ mobileiron but it’s just too new at the moment. the fact you posted this 20 some hours ago, and the paucity of results on the web makes me think its a new phenomenon.

luckily, i rarely use the app so, as the support person seconded the idea; I just uninstalled it from my phone, and thus far I’ve not had the popup show again.. good luck

What app did you remove? I am not able to locate echolocate app.

An update/clarification: I removed the "main" tmobile app (not tmobile tuesday). Follow the appbrain link above for a description of the app.

HOWEVER. After my above post, after uninstalling and rebooting... Last night I started getting same popup again!:(

So unfortunately back to square 1. I might also uninstall tmobile tuesday, as that the only other tmobile branded app on my phone. again w/o trying to sound too paranoid; "echolocate" makes me think it is some kind of location related part of an app; and I know tmobile tuesdays asks you to turn on location for additional local deals [I haven't done so].. nonetheless, the fact that there is location-specific data within that app makes me think it could be the culprit. I dont know.. but i do know that I only had 2 tmobile apps on my phone - the "main" one to see billing, chat with agent, etc; and tmobile tuesdays. if they're both off and I STILL get popup, I'll be confused and concerned.. are there some background apps/processess running??

forced stopped the t-mobile app, and did not restart the phone. So far no more pop ups…. :-( 

I have been having the same issue for a couple of weeks. But it’s a popup not a notification that can be snoozed or disabled. Also, my wifi calling gets set to Cellular Preferred whenever it happens. This is an issue since cell coverage is horrible in my home so I have to be on wifi. It’s becoming a big issue as I have missed important phone calls. 

I’m having the same issue.  But can’t uninstall or disable the T-mobile app. Has anyone been able to get this fixed?

I have also been having this problem. I wonder if it’s because the app is “com.tmobile” so ironport is not recognizing it as an installation we can’t control.

I have to dismiss dozens of the pop over dialog box every. single. morning. I can’t even get through a normal action without a pop up dozens of times a day. SO ANNOYING!!!

Has anyone figured it out?  Very frustrating.