S23 Ultra Texts Not Receiving

  • 22 February 2023
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After a few hours receiving text messages on my S23 start to slow down and eventually completely stop .   Restarting my phone only helps for a few hours until the problem reoccurs.  I’ve tried reinstalling Google Messages, singing up for the Beta, resetting the network settings, disabling wifi, etc. 

I have not tried a master reset yet.  

I noticed a similar thread regarding an S23 Ultra on a competing carrier’s community site.   

Has anyone seen similar issues with the S23?   I hate to return it.  


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26 replies

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weird. im looking at ATTs forums and their S23s, S22s and S21s are seeing the same issues after a security update...same deal that has cropped up with Verizons and TMOs..


same complaints. data issues creating texting issues/call issues seeing as how data calls need a data connection.