T-Mobile Home Internet App not working on android phones

  • 24 September 2023
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The T-Mobile Home Internet App for androids has worked intermittingly on my phone. Now it won’t connect at all. When trying to log in, the screen comes up with the “Let’s Get You Connected” message. It directs me to go to settings, which I do. And then connect to the T-Mobile WI-FI network. Then, as directed, I go back to the app to continue. The app then shows a message that it is “Checking Wi-Fi Network” and then it goes back to the Let’s get you connected screen. I have cleared the cache several times. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled several times. I have also loaded the app on a second android phone with the same results. I have also redone the setup procedure where I go through the scanning of the barcode process as if I’m setting up the gateway for the first time.

1 reply


I've been having the same issue lately!