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  • 24 January 2022
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Let me introduce a quick briefing I've been with Sprint for almost 25 years. Little over a year ago they had offered me supposedly a free tab anyways it's not a free tab you end up paying for it.


Last week I was trying to find a cable that would support c-to-hdmi off of tablets to be exact the 2019 10.1 tab a


I ordered a few long story I called Sprint this lady told me that my tablet will no longer be able to use now than at work. Supposedly offered me a deal on a tablet which is not a deal. You can go to Samsung and buy it for the same price


That's not the issue so my question was the new tablet is 5G the answer was yes the tablet she said she was going to send me in the tablet I got were two different things both tablets tablets don't support 5G


Long story it's a 4G LTE tablet which is exactly what I have which is still supported on their Network.

I spent over four hours on the phone trying to fix this I was ready to cancel as was not happy being lied to. The last guy then I spoke to I kept giving him my PIN number he didn't speak English I finally hung up on him and called back I'm glad I did can't remember his name and I hope he gets credit for keeping me as a customer he explained to me yes if they would have completely read the description my tablet is compatible and I did not need an upgrade especially to buy a smaller screen same tablet no difference no upgrade but to spend more money


He is the only reason that I remained as a customer unfortunately the five hours I wasted today I can't get back but the tablet is getting shipped back to them


If anyone tells you your tablets not going to work if its 4G LTE it's still going to work on the network they don't have any Samsung that are 5G they don't know when they're going to get any so don't fall for the scam of them trying to upgrade you. Sprint mobile would have never done this to me thank you T-Mobile for making my experience just horrible except for one person


I was told that was getting the tab S7 it turned out to be a tab A7 anyway they're all 4G LTE you're going to buy a new tablet and waste your money just tell them no. If I come across he's going to call me when the new tablets come out the 5G ones that they're going to offer. But if you go on Samsung you can buy these tablets but they are for other networks Verizon 80t and every other network except for T-Mobile has offered there

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