Text messages stuck "sending"

Was wondering if anyone else is having this issue.  When sending text messages they sometimes get stuck "sending" and never go through.  This happens both on / off WiFi and I have tried both with and without wifi calling.  I've also changed the network settings off LTE to 4g/3g/2g and even just to 2g to try and resolve this.


This is happening on my S8, wifes S8, and our sons S8+.  Started within the last two weeks and according to TMO store rep it's a firmware issue that Samsung is aware of but I'm not seeing others with this issue complaining so it makes me wonder.


Any feedback would be helpful thanks!


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This sometimes happens to me. It seems to happen when I'm on the verge of changing from one mode to another (e.g. LTE-HSPA-GSM). I've even robooted the phone and the message was still stuck. Eventually it would either fail or send.

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Hey, @radarweaver!

Thanks for joining our Support Community! Seeing how texting is a primary form of communication these days, I'm sure this is pretty frustrating for you and your family. I'm sorry this isn't working as it should. I'm actually working with another user that is having the same issue as you on their Samsung Galaxy S7. I appreciate you letting us know what steps you've already taken to attempt to get this fixed. It's a bummer none of them worked but what I'd like to do is forward this over to our Samsung guru to see if they have any additional insight because you've done about all the troubleshooting we would have had you do. I'll likely hear back from them on Monday or Tuesday and will follow-up with you on this thread then.

Edit: I'm sending you a private message to gather a few specific details about each of the devices. You can check your inbox here.

Same problem here Galaxy S7 edge with all the updates installed and the stock message app. When it fails, all I see is the spinning circle until it times out, then there's an exclamation point noting the failure. Resending never works. Doesn't matter if I have wifi on or off (only seems to fail when I'm on the LTE network and never on wifi), in other words, when I'm out and about and not connected to wifi is when this happens.

I  have digits (multi-line settings ) running on the phone.

I've confirmed the message center number: 2063130004 and reset the app cache. Seems to work for a bit (sometimes a few days) then fails again)

Has any of the support worked so far? If so, what was needed to fix the issue? I'm having the same problem on my OnePlus 6T, and it's been a major headache.

Same problem on a One Plus 7 Pro. All of a sudden my phone shows "sending" even though I confirm it's sent. Reset cache, deleted then re-installed app, re-started phone. Please advise.

I have been having the same problem of my messages not sending plus app updates do not finish.  They would download to 95-100% and just sit there.  I have finally fixed this.  Download and install the utility of your choice which allows you to flush your cache.  I used "All-In-One Toolbox" and this has fixed the issues on my OnePlus 7 Pro.

Thanks for the heads up on the fix. I'll try it.







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My S9+ and my S7+ do this on group texts. I hate it so much that I am thinking of switching providers. I can NOT reply to texts from my boss. He’s like WTF why aren’t you replying. I AM but it does not go through.

I have an 8S plus and my husband has an 8S, we are both having issues with text messages failing, the spinning circle until it times out, then there's an exclamation point noting the failure. Customer service told me to reset my network which didn't work, the next customer told me to clear the cache, again didn't work, 3rd customer service said to turn off and on "air plane" mode and that seems to help temporarily. If anyone has a solution I'd appreciate any suggestions. 

I have this issue frequently lately.  I've tried restarting the phone but that works briefly.  It is beyond frustrating. I have samsung s10plus. Any insight on a fix would be greatly appreciated. 

I'm having the same issue on my s20.  Tried turning ina nd off wifi and it doesn't work.

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Do you have power saving modes enabled? Sometimes the mode causes the data (wifi/cell) connection to shutdown to save power and only enable when you use it (send). The problem arises when the connection takes too long and the app (messaging) gets stuck in sending mode.

same issue exact … motorola one 5g ace…..

It looks like ongoing issue. Having the same issue with Galaxy S21 Ultra. Sending text is not working time to time. I have to restart the phone then it works a few times. But it happens again. So frustrating 

My S10 and my Wife's S20 have the same issue.  Tried all the solutions (turn OFF/ON  Airplane mode OFF/ON, clear cache, updated OS, etc..). My ATT S10 work phone does not do this, so it's T-mobile that is the issue.

We are having this same issue, its BEYOND frustrating!  It does it over wi-fi, it does it not on wi-fi, on all 3 of our Samsungs.  I’ve tried restarting the network, restarting the device, I don’t see anymore ways for me to troubleshoot myself, its done it with my old phone (also a Samsung but I want to say it was a Galaxy J7?)  Its getting super frustrating

I just started my service last night with TMobile on a A32 Samsung Galaxy 5G and I am able to text pretty much everyone in my contacts except my daughter who has an Iphone.  Any message I send to her sits in a “sending” mode, except 1 message that got through yesterday.  Is there any help for this? Please let me know, thank you!  


Same issue!

For the past few weeks I noticed that folks are not receiving text messages I send to them (although I’m receiving theirs). Some pictures and some text only.  It is not just one recipient, it’s many, and the problem seems to be getting worse every day with more folks not getting my messages.  I’ve tried the following to no avail:

google messaging app

resetting the phone

clearing the cache and data

new sim card

new sim card in old phone

new sim card in new (warranty replacement) phone


From what I can gather, it’s definitely not the phone, it’s a network issue.  I’ve worked with 611 and am expecting a call back tomorrow.  The issue is supposed to be escalated to the engineers, but I’m growing impatient. Please help!

Seems to be an Android bug as it's happening over all the different carriers I had the same question it happened once before.


I set Contacts, Google, and Messages as the only apps with SMS permission.

Call redirecting app was not set, so I set it to T-Mobile.


A lot of messages came in after reboot.


Messages in 'Sending' mode. Needing a fix soon…. Seems to be only my phone, not others in group.

I still have the same issue. It is very hard to pinpoint since it not happening all the time. Maybe T-Mobile should send this issue to their “to do is forward this over to our Samsung guru”, to solve this problem. I fixed it this time with airplane mode on/off. It would then ask if I want to send it with MMS and it finally went out. T-Mobile fix your problems, we are paying for it!!!

My wife and I have been having this problem since the last update on October 5, 2022 on our Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus phones. I usually reboot to fix the problem. However, the problem returns after a few minutes. This problem happens on my T-Mobile Wi-Fi and on the 4G LTE.

I hope you can fix this problem with the next update. 

18 years with tmobile never had problem with text messaging. Until one day all the sudden my text messages says delivered, but was never receive by my recepient. this happened to the messages I sent to all my clients. I did all google search, reset, even replaced with new sim card, but it still does the same.tmobile store sale person tried my new sim card with newer phone but still recepient are not able to see my message. 

icalled 611 and passed on to the tech support,  I was told that the engineering department has shut down my texting ability for the reason of that there some supicious activities on my text and im under investagation. its annoying because i didnt know the whole time that even my messages says delivered, they werent receiving because tmobile was holding it and didnt even notify me. this causes my business losses and people thinks i was rude for not replying to them although i did. What even worst is I HAVE TO CALL THEM TO FIND OUT. 

my conclusion, its not necesary your phone or network. they are watching us too. just curios if they actually have a transcript of our messages.. 🤔🤔🤔 till now still cant send text messages even when it says delivered...