Tmobile is the worst company doing business today

  • 24 April 2024
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Tmobile is the worst company doing business today. Not just compared to other cell companies, actually compared to any other company out there today, they are the worst! They have the worst service. Your better off using 2 cans and a string than using their service. The worst customer service possible. The most ignorant people god ever put on the face of this earth. Even up to the top level executives, not one person knows what they are doing. I urge people to stay away from Tmobile. I don't care if they give you everything free, I would still run,! Do you know how bad a company has to be to make a customer leave them, even when it's free. Could you imagine walking into a car dealership and they say take one of our cars it's free, even the gas. And a customer says no thanks. If someone prefers to walk than drive your car. That's bad. We'll that's tmobile. Absolutely worst service, worst website, worst customer service, worst company!!

3 replies


Did you check the coverage map before you switched carriers? 


Whenever people ask the question, is that a good cell company to use, or is that a good bank to use, etc. Its never a good idea to inform someone, by responding, yes they are great, you should use them too. The only way to be able to accurately judge that question and give a proper answer, is by 2 standards. One, did you have any issues with that organization? And 2, how did the organization handle the issues you had. If both those answers are poorly, then it is NOT a good company to recommend. I have seen several people say i nebver had an issue, then they fail to mention they have been a customer for 3 months. And to add, i have seen that same person completely switch their view and say, of they are the worst, because something happened in the 4th month of service. Bottom line is, they are terrible. I was told NOT to join Tmobile but i didnt listen to family and friends. When i asked every one i know, none of them had Tmobile, they all had other companies. I went with TM anyway, and it was ONLY because of the special offer the crooks had. I regret making the switch ever since. i could give you tons of examples that would make you change your opinion. Ill just give you one that occurred recently, to show how incompetent they are as a business, and keep in mind this is the short version. I spoke to them on phone darn near 2 hours. At end of conversation i was given 2 dozen apologies and offered a free IPAD and watch phone. I accepted these 2 items, and i was instructed to sign online to commit to receiving them or the orders will be canceled and i will not be getting them. Once i learned that it would cost me $60 to activate the 2 items AND a monthly service fee, the obvious came to mind. You cant get your phones to work correctly, why would i want to pay for monthly service for any other devices. I did not sign for these 2 items, and the 2 orders were canceled and i never heard a word back from TM. So, i was offered these devices, to make up for what i had gone through, in other words, time and money wasted on my end, and when i decided these were not for me, order was canceled, but was i offered something else. I even informed the customer service what i would have liked, and i received no reply. Thats like being incompetent on top of already being incompetent. There are ONLY 2 kinds of customers at Tmobile. Those that have had issues and those that will have issues. Count your blessings you are the later and not the former, but believe me, its coming! I will leave you with final thought, something to add to make you understand how truly lousy Tmobile is, and how extremely poor their service is, the issues i have had since day one are not difficult requests on my end, such as me complaining i took a shuttle to the moon and couldnt get cell service. No, no, i am talking about complaining because the phone cant make calls, text messages fail, text attachments fail, GPS freezes phone and the only way to X out is reboot the phone. In 1 year i have been sent 6 new phones. Its very simple, its either the software, the hardware or the service company. After hours on phone with Samsung, i learned it was not a software or hardware issue, it is the service provider. Tmobile sucks something awful!

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My experience with T-Mobile has always been the complete opposite of that.  Have you tried reaching out to T-Mobile through DM on Facebook or Twitter?